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Being a Winter Warrior on my Devinci

December 8, 2010 1 comment

Now that the snow is here (and then some!!) still not at all ready to stop riding through the tough Canadian winter. So decided that my Devinci would be sacrifaced (in a sense, all that salt can’t be good for it) and winterized it.

First up was to upgrade the tires. Bike paths, even the ones next to the main streets are ice covered by a thin (or not so thin) layer of snow. Definitely a winter tire was required. Was surprised to find out that studded tires are easy to get from my LBS and wasn’t too expensive ($59 each from the shop) from innova which is available at a number of shops online as well for a bit less.

Next up lighting. It gets dark pretty early here, around 4pm throughout December, so good lights both front and rear are worthwhile (and reflective clothing too!) For the front installed a Planet Bike two watt blaze light and in the rear a simple red LED flicker. Hopefully this will be enough. I am mostly off the main roads so should be fine.

Finally it’s messy out there, wanted a simple rear fender that I could detract quickly if needed. This one from Pollisport does the job nicely.

Naturally a lot also has to go into all the clothing and in that department I have long insulated pants, winter jacket and windbreaker, boralis mitts and other bits to ward off the chills of winter.

Today it was -10 and snowy and my first real winter riding day. In the end not too bad. Commute is only 20 minutes so even frostbite isn’t too bad on the few bits of exposed flesh. My hands got a bit cold and certainly parts of my face. A balakava will be a near future acquistion. Traffic was even slower today due to snow and was giddy as I passed them by!! Of course they were warmer but I think I was having more fun. Not sure what my temperature cut off will be (and taking into account the wind) but at least its doable. We’ll see how it works through the long winter!

Still to come: Santa is said to be bringing me a MTB specific rack and pannier. Can’t wait! I’ve been good this year so hope I get it.

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