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Suffering with the Sufferfest..and loving it!

January 18, 2011 1 comment

Ok, I had to give up my grand plan of daily riding. I don’t mind the cold when I have to run out to the car and then into work, but 15-20 minutes in sub-arctic weather didn’t end up being as fun as I thought it would be! So still riding in once or twice a week when the wind isn’t blowing and it’s above –10, which in January in Ottawa isn’t all the frequent. This week for example has been pretty much a wash.

So, I do what everyone does, I have a trainer in the dungeon. Now I don’t mind trainers as much as some other people. I like swimming which is pretty mindless, but if I can improve I will. I have been getting some old Tour de France videos from, which have been good, but recently got turned on to the sufferfest video series.

In the past I have downloaded a few of these type of trainer videos from for example EpicRides, but they just didn’t really grab me. They are basically twice the price of the sufferfest videos for 1/2 the entertainment value and while I know they are trying, man they are boring…

The Sufferfest don’t appear to be like any other video series I have tried out. First off they are funny, secondly there is frequent action on the screen and it just draws you in and finally the price is right at about $12 a pop and it downloads right to the iPad (although oddly the latest one Local Hero had to be converted first, which is easy but time consuming). As soon as I tried the first one I have to buy them all, even with all six outlay has been less than $70 and most I have now done 2-3 times and it really drags me downstairs because they are so fun!

Take a look at his trailer for Angels, it gives you a sense of how this works:


I like the way they weave both a story into this and the use of grade A feeds from either local or international events. And the constant change of tempo in a non-structured way feels more like a ride, which varies a lot over it’s length. So far Angels and Downward Spiral are getting the most “airplay” but the new Local Hero, the longest one they have at almost 90 minutes, is becoming a fave as well. And if you only have 45 minutes Revolver 45 isn’t bad.

I have seen my weight start to creep down again and I give kudos to sufferfest for helping me get over my multi month hover weight! With these on constant rotation I should hit spring training in better shape than ever!