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EA90 Aero Wheels

August 5, 2011 4 comments


The wheels that came with my Specialized Tarmac are Mavic CXP 22s. These fall into the category of “need to ship with an ok wheel set but we expect the customer to buy something new” wheels.

Like frames, wheels are really about materials. Aluminum versus carbon. Carbon is more expensive, but is lighter and often have that look. But aluminum wheels don’t seem to get the bad rap that aluminum frames do so there are more available for the serious biker. Still either way I didn’t get as hung up on carbon wheels as I did on carbon frame.

I wanted an excellent wheelset at a good price. Naturally 1st stop as always was the internet. American Classic wheels were on the list for a while, then some of the Neuvation carbon wheels piqued my interest, then I learned more about Easton wheels.  After looking at some of the options I settled in on the EA90 Aeros. I wanted something that performed well, looked great with my frame and added some aero capabilities. These seems to fit the bill.

There was a good review on Bikeradar, they rate the wheels at 4.5 stars and a few other reviews sealed the deal. It was also a wheelset that was easy to price online as it was popular enough, and my LBS was willing to match much of the online pricing. I was willing to go a bit higher to support them. In the end came out to about $700 for the set. Also my dealer recommended Michelin Pro3 Race tires which so far have also been amazing. The deal was done but I had to wait 2 weeks.

Finally they came. And I like how they look.

This is the bike with the Mavics:

P8101567 (Medium)

This is the bike with the Eastons:

P8051700 (Medium)

Yep, I agree, have to get better at taking pictures, but I would also agree that the new wheels at least look the part.

P8051701 (Medium)

Front Wheel

P8051699 (Medium)

Rear Wheel

The wheels are a bit different, the rear being deeper at 33mm versus the front 28mm. Since more stress goes on the back I guess that works. According to Easton the wheelset comes out to 1,545 grams. My Mavic CXP 22’s not 100% sure, but a number of sites have they rated at around 2,100 grams. So a savings of about a pound (nice!).

The proof as they say is in the pudding, and these wheels did not disappoint. It’s hard to really say what is different. They are certainly lighter and that makes a difference. They spin better and they just seem more spirited.  I had decided to use my old wheels when I am doing more pure training, but I abandoned that as I found the old wheels just didn’t feel “right” and sluggish.  I consider it money well spent!!

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