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Shimano 105 brakes have arrived..quickly!!

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Mid afternoon yesterday I ordered a couple of new BR-5700 Shimano 105 brakes from Jenson USA to replace the mysterious and not really working all that well set of brakes that came with my Specialized Tarmac Elite.

Well.. they have arrived already. Had to cross the border as well.. WOW. I am impressed. I will certainly order from them again. Came to my front door within 24 hours of ordering!

All told shipping plus the cost of the brakes came to $140 CDN. If I had ordered these from Canada Bicycle Parts would have been $160 (even though shipping would have been free) so I saved $20 and still got what I wanted.

Came nicely and safely packaged and both boxes were new and unopened.

Brakes in Box

Opened them up and got my first look at these brakes. They certainly look the part and I think they will complement my bike very nicely and completes my 105 group (although these are 5700 and I have 5600).


Looking at the brakes a bit closer they certainly appear to be of much higher quality. 


Will go through the install tonight and see how it goes!

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