My Bikes

Updated January 2014

My serious bike collecting started in 2010 when my health took a nose dive due to inactivity and weight and I took corrective action and got fit. Haven’t stopped buying bikes since then but don’t expect to add too many more….

Here is the current stable.

Bike Type Year Acquired Description
Gardin Victory Road Bike 1986 Steel Columbus with Campagnolo Victory
Devinci Cameleon 2 Mountain Bike 2010 Aluminum with Shimano Altus/Alvio
Specialized Tarmac Elite Road Bike 2010 Carbon Fiber with Shimano 105
Dahon Speed 7 Folding Bike 2011 Steel Frame with Neos 7
Cervelo P2 Tri Bike 2012 Carbon Fiber with Shimano Ultegra
Diamondback Podium Sport Road Bike 2012 Aluminum with Shimano 105
Fiori Napoli Road Bike 2013 Steel Tange with Campagnolo Veloce
Redline Conquest Pro Road Bike 2014 2008 frame with new parts. Campagnolo Veloce


1986 Gardin Road Bike
The bike that started it all. I recently refreshed it and use it for more leisurely rides these days. Still great after probably 20,000-30,000 kms??


2010 Devinci Chameleon 2

After my dreaded physical I decided to do a number of things to get fit. One was biking and I had recently discovered some great Mountain Bike trails close to my office. So a Mountain Bike was my first purchase. I wasn’t spending a lot on bikes yet so this first purchase was $800. I have upgraded this bike over the years but it’s still pretty good for what I use it for but probably one I look to trade up the most.  If I am most stressed Mountain Biking is the best remedy!


2010 Specialized Tarmac Elite

This was my first big bike purchase and I used it for everything first year or two of my new journey. I reviewed it here and it has been on most of my big epic rides such as Australia and Ireland.




2010 Dahon Speed 7

Tend to bring this on trips where shipping the “big” bikes gets a little dicey and pricy. I have figured out how to fit it into a fairly basic suitcase and so far it has always arrived alive! Great trips to SeattleSan Diego, Paris and multiple trips to Las Vegas with this puppy.


2012 Cervelo P2

Once I got my fitness back and became competitive upgraded my Tri and TT bike to a Cervelo P2. My full review of this bike is the most popular post on this blog. Average about 39.5 KPH on 15 TTs, and 37-38 kph in Tris.


2012 DiamondBack Podium Sport (exclusive to JensonUSA?)

This bike is basically a 2012 Podium 3. Needed an office bike and got a great deal on this bike. Used it over my winter then throughout the summer. Grew to love it so won’t be using it over the winter anymore. Don’t find it that much less of a bike than the Tarmac which was interesting to understand.


1980s Fiori Napoli

One day while at my brother’s saw that he had his old Fiori in the corner. “Need that?” “Nah” he said so I liberated it. At first used it as my trainer then got the cyclocross bug and also wanted a bit of a hack bike for winter and other rough riding. So restored it over a few months and now it has a new lease on life.


2008 Redline Conquest Pro

Got the frame cheap and build it up to replace the Cyclocross bike I just built. Timing is like that!


What’s next?

Probably will upgrade the Mountain bike?

  1. randy enderlin
    December 11, 2016 at 6:37 am

    The prics of tarmac expert all carbin fiber

  1. July 1, 2014 at 6:31 pm

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