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Some Mountain Biking

October 7, 2015 Leave a comment
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Getting back online

October 7, 2015 Leave a comment

So if anybody is actually coming over to this site they will have noticed that I sorta faded away. I lost a lot of motivation for a while, and needed the downtime. Then I got back on my bike and I have been busy mostly cycling. It has been a good year and I got some of my mojo back. I stopped doing Triathlons and by same measure running as that ended up mostly hurting me. Swimming was fine but still I also would rather be riding.

Jumped on Strava in a big way and that really seemed to have have given me a boost. If interested here is my profile:

A few things I am working on and will start to post again.

1st off upgraded my Garmin computers and got an Edge 25 and Edge 520. I will put up a comparison because they really aren’t that different and it’s been interesting when I have been using them.

Secondly I have started to work on a ConnectIQ app, more to just understand a bit how it all works. The 520 will support ConnectIQ and I want to see if I can get something up there. As I work it through will put some info up here. I think it has the ability to really add significantly to the experience of using any of the ConnectIQ enabled Edge devices, which right now is the 1000 and the 520.

So look for some updates soon.

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