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Staying fit is waaaay harder then getting fit…my year of blah

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

When I started this journey back in 2010 I just wanted to stop being fat, stop being tired, stop being unfit. I gave myself 100 days to overcome about 15 years of inactivity and I did it. Soon I was doing all the things I loved when I was younger. It was pretty easy, you made some time for yourself, watched what you ate a bit and focused on getting things back on track. The body loves this increased level of commitment and it responded. It wasn’t fast but within  a year I was 25 pounds lighter.

That worked but what they don’t tell you is that you have to work, hard, to stay fit and naturally since you are already fit you have to work harder to improve. It’s very hard to go from being fit to being more fit. And it takes a greater level of commitment than you did in the first place. And it can be frustrating, repetitive and yes boring…

And that’s where I found myself this year, the year of Blah. It was a great year, I cycled more than 5,000 kilometers, I did four triathlons, got a 13th place in one, did a TT in over 40kph, raced, rode, swam, ran etc. But it wasn’t as fun as other years because I became more focused on the training and getting better and I wasn’t getting better.

Another thing is that there is no simple way to train around 4 active kids, despite what any article may say. Kids get sick, they forget to tell you they need to be somewhere tonight, they refuse to go to sleep quickly and it just takes soo much effort to make it all work. I am counting the years when they are old enough to drive and then off to college! With a 5 year old still at home that will be a while 🙂

Besides family commitments, my job is in the software business which is crazy as well, then there are just bumps in the road and that meant when I did have time to train I was rushed and I was always feeling like I was falling behind despite the fact that I was in better shape overall.

I noticed I had stopped updating this blog. Looking at a training plan was depressing. So its official I am burned out and I need to change things, because I love the new me and what I can do.  But I need to step back from the focus on training and get back to the focus on fun, which is what all the things I do are, when you allow yourself to enjoy them.

So for 2015 I will have a renewed focus on cycling. I will still do tris because they are fun and you meet great people there, but going to do more pure biking. It’s what I love. I jumped on Strava around mid-year and really love that too. Racing to beat a segment adds motivation better than an interval plan. I noticed that it turned the year around for me a bit as it allowed me to “race” in a sense at my own pace. Getting fit is 10% of the journey, staying fit is harder and you need to be ready for that. I am mid journey so to speak, which is a great place to be if I can just enjoy the ride…




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