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2008 Redline Conquest Pro Frame build up


So just as I was finishing up the restoration of my brother’s old fiori into a Cyclocross bike naturally a buddy of mine noticed and said “hey, I have an good Cyclocross frame I don’t use anymore, did you want it?”

Did I! A bit of negotiation ensued and $100 later I had a 2008 Redline Conquest Pro frame with a Carbon fork ready to be turned into a sweet true Cyclocross bike. Although I would have been fine to continue with the Fiori the prospect of a finer bike beckoned and you have to take advantage of serendipity when it arrives.

As well as a frame and fork it came with a carbon seat post, which was incomplete so had to ditch, seat collar and a few of the various bits and pieces to route cabling.

I am used to gatheting parts on the cheap now and after a couple of weeks of parts selection and build up ended up with this.


I won’t go into the usual deep details of why I bought this or that for it but I knew from past experience that the drivetrain would be Campagnola Veloce. I have found this to be the most cost effective way to get good shifters and overall performance. So once more Ribble provided me with a full set there.

The crank I settled on a was SRAM Apex compact crank 50/34 which was also on sale at Ribble. Probably a few years back in production but does the business. I know this isn’t the usual Cyclocross crank but those are around 46/38 which seemed a bit too specialized for the general riding I was also hoping to do with this bike. 


The brakes were the most interesting part to source as I had not used cross brakes in the past. With Discs coming on strong as well may be the last time too but in the end I found a nice pair of TRP Euro-X on ebay for under $100.


Wheels I also wanted something Cross specific but cheap as possible and I selected the Vuelta Corsa HDs from Bike Nashbar. $105 as I paid attention to the various coupons and savings. They seemed decent and since I have received them they have done the business no problem on some pretty crummy roads. Look for a blog entry on the trio of Vuelta wheel sets I recently received.


Tires I went back and forth on a few but settled on these Vittoria Cross XG Pro 700×34 which as you can see from the brake picture above still leaves lots of room for mud etc. So far they have been stellar.


Rest of the bike I used a bit of left over bits, bought some compact handlebars on sale and re-used some of my Mountain bike pedals.

With the parts assembled the bike came together fairly quickly and started putting some kilometers on it and we were entered into the local Paris-Roubaix race as reported here. As stated there the chain has been a problem but its now sorted more or less with a bit of a Frankenstein Shimano/SRAM hybrid. Since then has been trouble free. This bike tends to now be my stormy weather bike and it gets dirty so have to be a bit careful about keeping it clean. My “other” Cyclocross bike will now become my dedicated winter trainer.

Overall the Redline is another welcomed addition to the stable!

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