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New 2014 Cervelo P2 (aka P3 lite) announced

January 16, 2014 2 comments

Despite the excitement of the P5 and the P3 I would wager that the P2 is still a huge seller for Cervélo and while its still an awesome bike in its 2013 and earlier guise, it hasn’t been updated in over 7 years and its at a price point that Cervélo needs to have a competitive position in.  So with that in mind now there is a now a brand spanking new P2 (or is there?).

Essentially this is the P3 frame but with a lower spec. Not sure why this just wouldn’t be a subset of the P3 (P3 105 would be what it’s called) but I think the fact that the P2 was such an iconic bike (it won Ironman Kona twice) and it has a certain known price point there was value in keeping the P2 name. But don’t think that the P2 frame and the P3 frame are different, the only difference is the graphics (although the fork is different too but I am sure they are both great forks and can’t see how that would impact price). Despite being a P3 the new P2 is the same price as the old P2 at $2800 MSRP making it the cheapest P3 out there (confused yet?).

Cervélo has all the details here:


This is the P3 frame but with a lower spec (in this case 105 as opposed to the P3’s Ultegra). That also means a lot more options when you want to upgrade (in case you get an Ultegra Di2 kit for your birthday) and all the nooks and crannies for all your storage and hydration that came with the new P3. This is great news and makes this a worthy bike to have at this price point.

Speaking of price the P3 has Ulitegra DI2($5800), Dura Ace ($5400) and Ultegra ($3950) price points. The P3 P2 105 is $2800.

Here are the changes from the pre 2014 P2

Derailleurs are now 105 instead of Ultegra. I have 105 on two of my road bikes and its a great group. Don’t expect too much of a drop in performance there. The bottom bracket is now BBright which means a lot less options for upgrading. And its still a compact crank although now the BBright version of the FSA Gossamer Pro crank. I haven’t yet really found a reason not to keep old English tread and hope we don’t just have frames with BB this or that in the future. I have one bike with the more popular BB30 and a crank upgrade there was a pain just to find a good list of BB30 cranks. BBright must be worst.

The tri bars now have a bit of an upwards bend but still mostly the same stuff. They are Profile Design’s while in 2012 the bars were 3T Auro’s but not sure which one would really be better.

Considering that a P3 Ultegra is a whooping $1000 more than the P2 basically not sure it doesn’t make sense to buy a P2 and then get the upgrades than you want. For your grand you get upgraded derailleurs, bars and brake levels, better chain and cassette and wheels, but same brake and crank.

The fork is different but not sure that would be a price difference? And the seat on the P3 is one of those funky ISM’s while the P2 has the awesome and mighty Fizik Arione Tri2. The wheels (3T Accelero Pro on the P3) are certainly a better spec and online I found them at around $650-700 so that makes up a good bulk of the upgrade. If you already have a nice wheelset then P2 is the way to go. The P2 comes with a Shimano R501 wheel set which I found as cheap as $150 (yikes..pretty low low spec on a 3k bike).

Overall, I don’t see much reason to upgrade from my current P2 but if you are new into tri bikes this is a good serious entry level bike from the top name in the business.

For comparison the MSRP of the Specialized Shiv Elite is $3200 and the Trek Speed Concept 7.0 is $3100, both have similar spec to the P2 but a bit pricier so nod has to go to Cervélo is based on price (again P2 msrp is $2800).

So the only mystery is why isn’t this the P3 105. When you look at it from a marketing and cost perspective it makes a certain degree of sense. It streamlines the product production and they get to keep the P2 moniker. And if you like a P3 but can’t afford the almost $4000 lowest spec build, save a grand and get a P3 disguised as a P2 and tweak it where needed over time.

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