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Old Road Bike to Cyclocross Series–Part 3- Gathering the Parts

While the frame was in the shop getting sandblasted and repainted time to look at what I would use to rebuild it.

As per the tear down I would reuse the headset, stem and handlebar to handle the front end. The seat post and seat I was keeping so good there. Wheels I was using some wheels I no longer use from my Diamondback. And I had the FSA Gossamer crank and megaexo bottom bracket from the cervelo.

That still leaves a few important bits including

1. Shifters: With the widening of the rear triangle I could now use modern integrated shifters

2. Derailleurs: Front maybe I could have kept but it was pretty rusty and since I needed a new one on the back made sense to buy both as a package. Also included here is a ten speed chain.

3. Brakes: The old ones were shot and I wanted something a bit more modern to bring this relatively heavy frame and bike to a full stop.

4. Cyclo Cross brake levels. I have noticed that a lot of the fast riders don’t actually have these but I think they are an interesting idea so decided to add that to the mix.



First off whatever shifters I was going to get I was also going to pick up the corresponding derailleurs as well so this was going to be my main decision. Integrated shifters are one of the most expensive components on a bike but also I knew I wanted better than Sora or Tiagra so it was either 105 or above in terms of Shimano, Apex or above in terms of SRAM and Veloce or above in terms of Campagnolo. This was going to be a bit of commuter/cyclo cross bike so didn’t need high end stuff, just good quality that will last.

Checked lots of sites but again Chain Reaction and Ribble in the UK have by far the best prices.

In terms of the shifters I was most likely to get here is how they stacked up.

Shimano 105: I have these on two bikes now and they work great and no big issues. Over at Ribble these were selling for $212 before shipping and duties. That was within my budget but a little high.


SRAM Apex: I have only used SRAM once, while on a rented bike in Las Vegas, but I did a lot of climbing that day and it was fine. I wouldn’t have any problem with these. Ribble had them for $252, again before shipping and duties. Hmm Pricy for a brand I don’t know a lot about.



Campagnolo Veloce: As stated in the past in general I like campy and have a lot of there stuff from the past and now have a Veloce crank on my Cervelo which has worked great. Punched veloce shifters in to the search and got a price back of $109. What? Yep almost 1/2 the price of the Shimano and even a better deal over the SRAM shifters. Did some research and folks seem to like them. Decision made.


With the drop down shifters no longer used I picked up a couple of adapters to attach to the downtube shift bosses and route the cables properly.


With the decision being made on the Veloce Shifters, time to look at the derailleurs. Veloce front and back derailleurs combined were just a bit over $100. So looking at it from a price perspective I got free derailleurs compared to Shimano or SRAM shifters.


Ordered these and they were on their way. With everything I had to pay ended up at around $220 CDN!

Also needed a front derailleur adaptor as I wanted a derailleur I could move between bikes so got a Problem Solver Front Derailleur Adaptor.

I just picked up a good ten speed chain (SRAM in this case) for these derailleurs as well.


Next main thing was the brakes. The original Modolo brakes were pretty shot but they were long reach and I found it hard to find modern brakes with long reach. Eventually settled on some Tektro R359s, which from what I can tell have maybe been renamed R539. These were pretty cheap ($40 for the set) and seem pretty decent but one thing I didn’t like was that the adjuster was a simple off/on one so adjustment was going to be a bit tricky, but price was right in my mind and seemed like it would work fine for what I was looking for.



Cyclo Cross Levers

Lastly wanted to give the bike a true Cyclo cross feel and so ordered some Tektro RL720 levers as well. These cost about $25.

With all the pieces either cleaned up from the old frame or bought and delivered time to mate the new repainted frame and the parts to remake the bike!!

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