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2013 Perth Cyclosportif

A new event this year and a welcome one towards the end of the traditional season. I have started to adapt my riding to include more end of year events and this was a good one to keep the cycle juices flowing as the summer really starts to wane. The inaugural Perth Cyclosportif was on Saturday Sept. 27th.

While Perth isn’t that far from my house (about 20 minutes) most of the roads on the route I have not ridden in the past so was looking forward to it. Being a new event I wasn’t sure how popular it would be but in the end as long as there were enough folks to create a mini peloton I would be happy.

Weather can be a bit dodgy towards the end of September but that Saturday was just beautiful. A tad chilly to start with but promised to be beautiful by the middle of the day.

I had signed up for the longest ride at 196k but chickened out as I hadn’t ridden as much. It also allowed me to sleep in for another hour! The parking lot was already filling up with folks getting ready as I pulled in. The 1st long ride had left amidst some fog and there was still some lingering around but you could feel the sun breaking thru. There was lots of options from short 40k rides and two gravel routes. So while there were plenty of people, numbers by route would be lower.


Registration was a snap, got my number and soon enough about 30 of us lined up under the banner. Rick Hellard, the organizer, led us out of town for the 1st 5k or so then we were left to ourselves.

At first a group of about 20 stayed together but soon that was whittled down to our group of 12 which was the fastest within our route. Soon we were cruising along well over 30kph. The sun was out, the scenery was stunning as we weaved along lakes and the Rideau river and after some fun and spirited riding we hit the rest stop at about 100k.

There was one small stretch of gravel and sure enough I got a puncture. But the group stayed with me and I managed to have the change of my life, I looked like a pro and within minutes we were off again.


The rest stop was in the town of Westport and after a short break the group set up in groups of 2s and 3s. I ended up solo but I didn’t mind that at all as I needed to go at my own pace. There is a huge hill leading out of Westport and that was a good place to split up. I had to stop once more for some hot foot and I did make one wrong turn but soon enough was back in Perth and was finished. Nobody to really mark your finish but I was satisfied. Wasn’t able to stay behind for the music but enjoyed the chili!!

image (1)

Here are the raw stats


Full ride can be found here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/385043103

This high is super recommended. I will be back and info can be found here http://www.cyclosportifperth.ca/

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