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Anatomy of a B race–Brockville Thousand Islands Triathlon

August 31, 2013 Leave a comment

In the past couple of years after a flurry of activity early in the summer I ended up a bit burnt out and out of shape, relatively speaking. Then I had a couple of end of year events which I wasn’t at my best. I didn’t want this to happen this year so decided that training wasn’t the best solution, at least training only. So signed up for two back to back Olympic triathlons leading up to my sometimes best event of the year, the Ottawa “Canadian” triathlon on the labour day long weekend.

1st off the Brockville Thousand Islands Olympic Tri.

Brockville actually was the 1st Olympic distance I did back in 2011 and it went horrible, at least in the run. I walked a lot of the last couple of kms. I hope that with a bit better overall fitness would do better.

This was a tri just for fun, so didn’t have any illusions or goals, just to push hard and certainly improve on my previous 2011 efforts. That year I did a 2:56:49 with a bad run of 1 hour 11 minutes.

For my 2013 efforts it was obvious I wasn’t in race mode. 1st off my son was doing the 5k run and we got there a little late as it wasn’t an important race then had to do a lot of stuff for him. That was a mistake. I forgot to pick up my swimming cap in my haste, had to run over the registration desk to get it,  and then was at the start with only 3 minutes to go, and my wetsuit wasn’t on yet. My wife was there to help slap it on and with some encouragement from the crowd we got it on in record time. I rushed to the water with 20 seconds to spare (!) and bang, off we went.

The swim was uneventful but I could tell this wasn’t going to be a great time. In the end I did a 36:10 which was almost 2 minutes slower than in 2011. I have not been doing any swimming really and it showed. Already behind.

I should catch up in the bike, but here again a few things happened. First off my Garmin 500 died, I had forgotten to plug it in. Oh well push on. But I lacked data. Then on the second lap I just felt flat with no gas.


I did shave off 1 minute from my 2011 time, but that still left me 1 minute behind.

Then the run happened and like in Sydenham I have found it easier to run this year. One thing I stopped doing was running when it hurt and slowed down my training. But in the end this sped me up as when I came to races I was able to run better with less pain. The 1st 5k lap went by and I was feeling strong, had one of my gels as well and pushed to the end. I ended up with a 1:02 flat (similar to Sydenham) but it was 9 minutes faster then 2011!


So in the end I did a 2:48:55 which I guess I was pleased with. And it gave me back some of my fitness. Still I have to say I should be better than this 4 years into this journey!!!

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Ottawa Bicycling Club – Grand Prix Novice Men’s 2 lap race

August 19, 2013 Leave a comment

Was really pleased that I took the plunge and decided to get back into road racing and this was the perfect event for this. The OBC Grand Prix has been running for over 10 years and takes place on the slopes of Gatineau park along the roads up to champlain lookout.

In the week prior I did a reconnaissance of the course and found it hard but maybe not impossible. Hard climb for about 5 km then rolling and a sharp decline. It wasn’t a pure climbers race but you needed to go uphill fast. Profile below:



So still have lots to go to be competitive, one thing I liked was that my power output was much higher than it has been before. I will do this again next year and hope to upgrade to masters (4 laps) in a couple of years.


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