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Travel Routes–Coyote Creek San Jose

Early June spent a week in San Jose and naturally brought my Dahon bike down for some riding.

San Jose is a pretty urban experience but there are a few bike trails once you get out of the downtown core. After my usual internet checking found that there was a really nice and long trail just south of the city called Coyote Creek Trail.

You can get general information about this trail here.

Here are my base stats for this, still not an Epic ride so still hoping for one of those this year, but fairly decent and good long ride. I managed to get another run on this a second day but it was about an hour shorter.


I was staying downtown so started off on the Guadalupe River trail which is roughly along the highway and skirts the downtown.  Its ok but not great and has breaks.


It eventually ends and you have to weave through a few streets then you get to the trail head, which has a nice sign.


The trail itself is continuous from this point on. It is paved, usually properly divided and traffic is such that you can get a pretty good head of steam up. Bumpy bits were few and far between. I didn’t do the whole thing so it can be used as a great long distance training ride, although it is busy enough that I wouldn’t go much faster than the pace I was doing.


I wanted to get a 2-3 hour ride in and it was very easy to do that on this trail. But it didn’t vary much, pretty much the same path with a few bridges to go under (with a considerable homeless population) and occasional nice forested bits. There are a number of areas you can refill your water which is nice as it gets hot.

There are however a few interesting things along the way. One is a velodrome. That is pretty cool. On both rides that I took it was being used and seemed to be a very vibrant velodrome association.


I discovered after I returned home that this was the Hellyer County Park Velodrome and has been around for over 50 years. They were motorpacing there one day and just plain racing each other another.

Also there are a number of rest areas which offer shade for catching your breath. I got as far as the Eucalyptus Rest area which was the turn around for my route.


Here is my Garmin map of the route. Its pretty much out and back along the creek (more of a river really, it was usually quite a few feet across).


I have talked about liking my PowerCal HR strap and I used it for this ride as well, so got some power stats. Since I was using a pretty heavy bike that really isn’t optimized for speed average speed is a bit low at 24kph or thereabouts but my power output was decent so it qualified as a good training ride, and great to get one in when I travel.


I am getting quite handy at quickly packing up and taking my Dahon with me so not too worried any more about missing training while I am away. Not as good as being on my Tarmac but keeps the legs spinning. If you are in the San Jose area and need a good trail to get some miles in, check out the Coyote Creek Trail.

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