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Updates to the Cervelo P2–Honing my speed weaponry

I had a hoot on the Cervelo P2 last year and certainly was fully converted to concept of a dedicated TT/Tri bike. I am going to be doing a bit more focus on TTs this year and cycling in general so with the snow falling set about to improve the P2 where I felt it could make a difference and/or make it look better/faster at least!

I have also duly named my Cervelo “The Kraken” as I love to proclaim “Release the Kraken” at the start of a TT!

1st off for Christmas I got the Barfly TT Garmin mount, it attaches to one of the bars and keeps the Garmin computer in a better sight line. I definitely struggled with seeing the computer when it was on the stem itself.


It was super easy to install and now keeps the Garmin at a better sight angle.


Next up was to clean up the water bottle area. I was using just a simple round cage and bottle and frankly it didn’t look integrated or good. Went a tiny bit bling with this and picked up an Arundel Chrono carbon bottle cage and bottle. Again snap to attach and looks very nice on the down tube.


Finally I have always wanted a disc wheel, but again just could not see myself shelling out $1000-$2000+ for one of these. I had been following Flo wheels and got in with order #2. The wheels were super late (but flo keep folks up to date) and too late to use last year but still got to stare at it over the winter. They came delivered under $700! Look for a full review once I have some TTs under my belt with this.


Put it all together and my bike I think is very willing to do the business this year. I have finally gotten in some solid seat time on my training bike and hope not to shame this bike with my efforts!



Look for none basement pics soon.

Weather is looking a bit warmer this week so maybe, just maybe, may “Release the Kraken” this week!

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Things I get excited about–TriRig Omega Brakes

Are these things sexy or what??

Reminds me of the old Campy Delta Brakes but I bet these ones actually work!

I’m a bit dubious that a brake will have a big aero advantage, especially the rear brake but I have to admin that just having a bike that looks fast can give you an advantage. As I upgrade my Cervelo P2 into a better speed weapon for 2013 I am on the lookout for cool stuff.

I saw these on a photo gallery of the Paris-Nice prologue and they looked sweet so jumped on the internet to get more info, and there is plenty of it. These guys are certainly proud of their brakes and there is a lot of info on an omega specific blog here. You can buy these today at

They seem to poke out a bit but they install like any other brake, although looks like the torque tolerances are quite high.

 The custom rear spring sits perfectly within the Omega's profile, has plenty of force, and will work well even with tight cable runs.

Once on the bike they do look very well integrated.

At $180 a pop they seem pricey but reasonable for a slick looking brake but will depend on how they work.

A few reviews are out.

“I can report that I have raced with this brake many times now and have had zero problems with it. Stopping power was on par with the standard caliper and I’ve never had any issues with keep it straight and avoiding brake rub during a ride. In short – it’s been brilliant.”

BikeRadar has a review as well. Looks like they didn’t do a lot of testing but they did weigh it!

“One thing we can say is that it’s very light, at 122g on our scales including bolts and Kool Stop Salmon brake pads.”

Damn, something else to lust after….

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