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I managed to fix my Garmin Edge 200

I use the Garmin 200 on my office bicycle and while it’s the least capable of the Edge series it is still pretty sweet and I rely on it a lot.

So I was saddened that it stopped working, well at least one of the buttons did. No matter what I did it would not engage and it was the ride button so I was stuck with a pretty dead Garmin Edge 200.

Now these days when something electronic breaks its pretty much game over. You can try to get it fixed, but that involves shipping it, tracking it, hopes it gets fixed and returned.  Also mine is now out of the 1-year warranty so I bet the repair bill would be close to the purchase price.

Gamin has a process for repairs and I am sure it works fine but I think for me I either had to fix it myself or buy a new one.


Since I didn’t plan on getting it fixed there was little risk to try and take it apart and see what happens. The front plate is held on by four small screws that I loosened.


Then was able to pop off the front and expose the screen.


Pull back the screen to get to the guts below, the sticky button was the one that starts the Ride. Now I didn’t see what was causing it not to work but I “wiggled” it a bit and tried to simply clean the area around it.


That seemed to do the trick. Not very technical I agree but sometimes it’s a simple thing, and I got lucky. Slapped it back together and it works fine. In fact off for a ride right now!!


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  1. Andres wolf
    September 18, 2016 at 10:29 pm

    Is that a star wrench?

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