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Arrgh…weight again…

So after bottoming out at 187 pounds this summer I am back up around 195 pounds. And I am pretty sure that I need to be down in the 170 level to really be competitive and to meet with some of my original expectations.  I have been teased with some good results that have told me if I can only lose those pounds I know I will be up there with the big boys and maybe have some really really great results!

Is there such as thing as Fit and Fat? I don’t feel fat. When I was unfit and 180 I felt FAT! Now at 195 I feel trim. So maybe its time to go beyond 100 days to be fit, to 100 days to compete!

So, the weight has to go. Will be dropping my emphasis on a training per say and focus on the next 100 days to see if I can get at least below 180 pounds. More updates to come (I hope!)

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