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Back to Red Rock Canyon!

November 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Back when I first got my Dahon folding bike one of the first trips I took was to Las Vegas and I did one of the main roads in Red Rock Canyon.

Based on a number of trips I have been bringing my main road bike(the Tarmac) to the places I have been and recently was going back to Las Vegas for yet another conference. With the sunrise being at 6am or thereabouts was looking forward to doing some nice rides.

I got back to Red Rock Canyon but this year mostly took in the Scenic Drive. On Monday it was free as it was sorta Memorial day so what a great combo of awesome road and free parking! Was with a co-worker and we stopped a number of times to sight see.

Went back on Wednesday and decided I wanted to push and see what my baseline time would be, and that is the ride I present here.

Base stats here:


Half a km or so of climbing. Didn’t have a lot of time so can’t call this one epic in any sense but still quite amazing so close to the city of Sin (this road is 20 mins from the strip)


The ride is tough, and I don’t do a lot of climbing but was able to set a decent pace all the way up. Didn’t have time to take pictures but it was beautiful!

Elevation is straight up, then weeeee, straight down!


Had my PowerCal with me and was interesting to see how I did. I still don’t know how this compares to other folks but over 200w seems decent.




More info here:

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Arrgh…weight again…

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

So after bottoming out at 187 pounds this summer I am back up around 195 pounds. And I am pretty sure that I need to be down in the 170 level to really be competitive and to meet with some of my original expectations.  I have been teased with some good results that have told me if I can only lose those pounds I know I will be up there with the big boys and maybe have some really really great results!

Is there such as thing as Fit and Fat? I don’t feel fat. When I was unfit and 180 I felt FAT! Now at 195 I feel trim. So maybe its time to go beyond 100 days to be fit, to 100 days to compete!

So, the weight has to go. Will be dropping my emphasis on a training per say and focus on the next 100 days to see if I can get at least below 180 pounds. More updates to come (I hope!)

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