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OBC 40k TT August

Since I was getting back into the TTs I really wanted to do a 40k as well. 40k is a good long distance and requires 100% (or thereabouts) for a long time, so a fantastic measure of fitness. In a 15k you can tough it out but 40k you need everything to be firing well over the hour of effort.

I was hoping to maybe get close to 39 or even 40 but again it was to be a reference ride.

The course is a very flat, out and back with no turns. A great course that will be a good test.

Did a nice warm up then headed off. Right away it was evident that wind and a bit of rain was going to be a factor so it was a hard push out and I was worried. Indeed as I did the turn around I was just a bit over 35kph, not what I was hoping for.  I just had to hope the wind would be at my back, and it WAS! I was on average 5-6 kph faster after the turnaround. The last 15k would have been my fastest 15k ever, thus is the challenge of factoring weather in with your times.


I made a big push towards the end and I was doing about 48kph on the flat which was a lot of fun! I don’t think I could have gone much further.


Some Pure stats below, not a full 40k by my Garmin but close.  38.1 at least wasn’t embarrassing and gives me a good goal for next year. Was windy and a bit cool and rain here and there, so was a bit of a weird day compared to the scorching heat and dry weather we have been having.


My bike seemed pretty satisfied with itself afterwards.


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