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Carleton Place Olympic Tri July 2012

August 28, 2012 2 comments

This post is waaay past due but wanted to make sure I was able to do it justice as this was an awesome Tri. I really hope I can do it again next year. Sometimes you just find some courses and/or events suit you better than others.

The Carleton Place Tri takes place in mid July, which is a good time. Summer is in full swing and fitness was getting better by the day it seemed.

This came one week after doing the Sydenham Triathlon the week before. On that hilly course I managed a 2:51:09 which was 5 minutes faster than the Brockville OT I did last year. I was feeling a bit more relaxed as I came to the start of this one.

It was a smaller field, about 70 of us, but still lots of competition that was for sure.

1st off it was hot, it has been hot all this year! Hydration was going to be a big issue and sweat too. Just before the race I picked up a “good” pair of sunglasses finally. A dude was selling BLIZ sunglasses which I had looked at before so decided to take the plunge, it was worth it both on the day of the Tri and since.

Also this one was again one of the increasingly family centric Tris. My brother (another one, not the one that did the Smiths Falls Tri) came up from Toronto to do the Sprint tri and my 10 year son was doing the 5k run. My lovely wife was also taking photos so I had a lot more pictures to add here.

The transition area was dry, and the grass tended to get over everything but it was a nice layout and after the usual sign in and set up it was soon time for the swim. I donned my wetsuit and headed down to the beach.


The swim felt really good. Despite the fact that I haven’t been training much in terms of the swim my swim times have been competitive and I felt great on all three laps of the swim. The course was maybe a bit of a disappointment as it was simply a loop in a small river, so not exactly epic but still it was the right length! I was out mid pack which is all I hope for and not too far behind the rest of the group.

Soon was into the transition area.


By now you will know that this is where I tend to kick some butt. I focus on the bike and I was feeling good. The course promised to be a flat one and I was on my Cervelo this week.


Out of the transition area on onto the course.


I felt great on the bike and was soon picking folks off. It was an out and back route and had a few hills (more like raises!) but nothing compared to Sydenham. What was neat was that only the OT folks were on the middle 20k so lots of room. Passed a number of folks, got passed by a couple and re-passed a few as well (which I love to do!) Soon we reconnected with all the sprint tri folks and blasted by a lot of those as well. The route was maybe a bit more than 40k but in the end did almost 36kph.


This ended up being the 7th fastest time of the day which I am fairly proud off.


Soon off of the bike and on to my least favourite part…the RUN!


The run is probably the one thing that may stop me from doing Tris in the future, or at least reduce my focus on them. After the bike I was just outside of the top ten. But I started falling behind right away on the run, just can’t make my legs go faster! My run, for me, felt good and I was able to squeak it in a bit under an hour if you take the transition time into account.


For the Olympic we did 2 laps of the 5k run course.


1 more lap to go!

There was one, very busy, water station so didn’t always get the water that I needed but thankfully a number of residents were out with water hoses and cooled down that way as well.

Finally turned to the home stretch and sprinted nicely to the end!!


My official run time was 1 hour, 14 seconds. The winner did it in 41 minutes so I am losing 19 MINUTES in the run. Still with a decent swim and an awesome run was able to stop the clock in a time of 2 hours, 41 minutes and 50 seconds. This is almost ten minutes faster than Sydenham and 16 minutes faster than my Brockville reference time of 2:56 from 2011. Progress is being made!!

I was 25th out of 69 and 19 out of 47 men. Very pleased with myself!

Full stats for everyone at this tri can be found here:

My son had done excellent in the 5k (20th out of 56) and my brother rocked the Sprint tri as well (20th out of 107).

Afterwards we gathered for a nice photo opp!


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OBC 40k TT August

August 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Since I was getting back into the TTs I really wanted to do a 40k as well. 40k is a good long distance and requires 100% (or thereabouts) for a long time, so a fantastic measure of fitness. In a 15k you can tough it out but 40k you need everything to be firing well over the hour of effort.

I was hoping to maybe get close to 39 or even 40 but again it was to be a reference ride.

The course is a very flat, out and back with no turns. A great course that will be a good test.

Did a nice warm up then headed off. Right away it was evident that wind and a bit of rain was going to be a factor so it was a hard push out and I was worried. Indeed as I did the turn around I was just a bit over 35kph, not what I was hoping for.  I just had to hope the wind would be at my back, and it WAS! I was on average 5-6 kph faster after the turnaround. The last 15k would have been my fastest 15k ever, thus is the challenge of factoring weather in with your times.


I made a big push towards the end and I was doing about 48kph on the flat which was a lot of fun! I don’t think I could have gone much further.


Some Pure stats below, not a full 40k by my Garmin but close.  38.1 at least wasn’t embarrassing and gives me a good goal for next year. Was windy and a bit cool and rain here and there, so was a bit of a weird day compared to the scorching heat and dry weather we have been having.


My bike seemed pretty satisfied with itself afterwards.


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2013 Disc Equipped Road Bike Buyer’s Guide

August 1, 2012 4 comments

I am very interested in bicycle technology and spend a lot of time reading up on it. And I wouldn’t mind a bit more traffic up here on the blog!! General Topic posts do best so here is one!

2013 Buyer’s guide for Disc Equipped Road bikes.

I see this as a major upcoming change in road bikes. Pioneered by Mountain bikes and now becoming popular on cyclo-cross bikes, I see them pivotal for Road bikes for a number of reasons:

1- Rim braking is a bit of compromise. Carbon wheels and brakes in particular have less than ideal braking performance but are being bought in greater numbers.  Here is a link from Road Bike Action Magazine. To quote them: “with all carbon wheels, the heat generated while braking during long and steep descents has always been a challenge for the resin and carbon engineers designing the wheels

2- Brake action decreases with Rain..regardless of wheel type. We all worry when the road gets wet

3- Rim Brakes are sometimes hard to adjust. How many times have you found your brakes loose or worried they are rubbing against the rim? Too high on the rim or forgot to make them tighter after a wheel change?

BTW not everyone is convinced, for another view go here

The UCI has approved disc brakes for cyclo-cross, are road bikes that far behind and does it matter? If the public gets behind them they will grow in popularity. At this point a few notable brands are without disc brakes, including Trek, Cannondale, Felt etc, but a lot of info comes out in mid-August so 2013 may have more before too long.

I am not including Cyclo-cross bikes as for me it doesn’t meet the criteria for a true road bike, bit too beefy as opposed to the elegance of a road bike.  Low weight, slim profile and built for speed as opposed to cyclo-cross which are a bit wider and built for strength!

I find most buyer’s guides incomplete and only have a subset of what is available. I tried to find all the MAJOR brands that had disc equipped road bikes and I will add more as I stumble upon them and as the 2013 product launches happen so this list will be a living updated list. I have put the bikes in alphabetical order.

Pictures are copyrighted the original owners, but a lot of these are from bike rumour over at


BMC look to be bringing out a disc equipped version of their Gran Fondo bike. Although the tire is a little bit beefier, I think you can slap on a skinny tire and it would be fine.

2013 BMC Gran Fondo Disc

2013 BMC Gran Fondo Rear Disc Detail

2013 BMC Gran Fondo Rear Disc Detail

Nothing on their site yet but soon? May be a one off to gauge interest??


Online purveyor of bicycles offered up a teaser of a disc bike at Eurobike. Named the CF SLX Disc its seems to be a simple conversion of existing CF SLX frame(?). No real details yet and this bike isn’t on their official Eurobike 2012 site (

Canyon Disc teaser

Canyon Disc teaser


Colnago has always been at the forefront of technology so no surprise they now have a disc bike, but still to have such a beautiful and functional bike means that I think it will be a catalyst for a lot of other vendors.

The C59 Disc is a sweet looking bike that can be specced any way your wallet desires. As for the price, well, if you have to ask…

Nice video from the launch here

Culprit Cycles

Didn’t find a lot about this bike but it sure looks sweet. Seems like a new brand. No pricing details yet. [Update: Joshua from Culprit Bicycle provided some info in the comments below. This build is $6049. More info at

Culprit Cycles Disc Bike…sweet looking for sure!


Foundry is owned by the same company as Salsa (see below) so it more of a case of a single vendor adopting disc brakes. But their Riveter is certainly stealthy!

SRAM red edition is $5175 USD

And 105 Version is a more reasonable $2715 USD

Nothing yet but their web site should be updated with model info soon at


I have always liked the concept of Lynsky bikes with their very cool Titanium frames and still think that one day I may own one. This might be the one some day!

High end components including Di2.  But they will build the way you want (although it would be a shame to put Sora on this!)

2013 Lynsky Disc

Lots more pictures here


Salsa has announced for 2013 a number of disc equipped bikes and this one is their road version.

The colossal comes in Titanium and Steel versions

2013 Salsa Colossal Titanium

2013 Salsa Colossal CrMo (Steel)

Nothing online yet


Specialized has their first set of disc road bikes coming out in 2013 and seems to cover the endurance range mostly.

Roubaix has two versions at least, Expert and Expert Di2 (both with Ultegra)

The specialized roubaix expert disc comes with roval disc wheels, ultegra mechs and shifters, fsa sl-k bb30 chainset and mechanical discs from avid, at a retail price of £3,300:

Secteur also has a disc version, Secteur Sport Disc and is priced at $2100.

Specialized secteur sport disc, which comes in under the cycle to work price point, will appeal to many:

Not much detail online yet

These guys seem to have the Secteur at a street price of 1000 pounds, which I think is about $1700 USD? Still not in stock.


Volagi is a disc bike specialist and their Liscio comes in SRAM Rival and Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace builds. They were sued by Specialized as they used to work there but that got worked out.


Rival $2895 USD

Ultegra $3595 USD

Dura-ace $4495 USD

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