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Exhausted but still able to get a good 15k TT out

After the end of Fit Month I was pretty exhausted. In the end I think I did the right thing but man I am tired! Still wanted to put in a good TT so was looking forward to see if all my efforts were going to help.

The weather was PERFECT. No real wind, no humidity, no heat. It should have been a great night but I have simply not been feeling good lately. Legs tired, me tired!  I think I need a vacation, but one of those really relaxing do nothing vacations. Unfortunately nothing on the horizon….

In the end this was my second best ever TT, so some of the fitness stays even if my body doesn’t feel it. Think I may step back for a  little while and just enjoy riding for a few weeks before I get back into fitness training again!!


As you can see from the speed chart things really slowed down about 1/2 to the turn around. Just didn’t feel it, but after I turned around 1st I was passed, then I just felt better and was back pushing. The last 5k was one of my best!  And did a BIG push at the end. Still under 40 kph however Sad smile


I need to learn a bit more about recovery!

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