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Fit Month: Sydenham Olympic Tri

This triathlon wasn’t planned but it just happened that the family was going to be in Kingston for my Daughter’s soccer tournament and this Tri was just up the road! I had looked at this one in the past but never was able to attend  and also had heard that the bike leg was tricky.  But we were camping within 20 minutes and there really wasn’t a lot that neeeded my attention so off I went early in the morning to the registration. It was also my second olympic tri and I was looking forward to see how I had improved  a year on as I was feeling in better fitness overall.

Also as I am doing a lot  this month and this was a more of a training tri not doing my usual full report.

Last year I signed up for the Brockville event and I had achieved an Olympic time of 2:56:49 and down in 70th which I was sorta pleased with as my run time as usual was bad but in this case it was really bad at 11 hour and 10 minutes for the 10k. I knew I would be faster this year but wasn’t sure how much faster.

The bike leg was a bit hilly so decided to bring the Tarmac instead of the Cervelo and in the end that seemed like a good call.

The swim was three times around a 500m loop and the water was nice and cool as it was a very hot day (low 30s C!).  With the swimming I have not been training much but have felt at the least I would not lose in the swim and this was the case here. I was 30th out of the swim with a decent time I felt. Its a bit of a hike from the beach to the transition area so have to take that into account but I was on the bike at 33:47.

I was very worried about the run, especially with the heat, so maybe didn’t push on the bike as much as I would have liked but it was a nice course overall. There always seemed to be an uphill section coming up and my average seemed a bit low at just a bit over 32. In particular there is a steep hill out of the transition area and as it was two loops of the 20k course had to do that twice.It seemed like I was passing a lot of people and when I got the results it was clear that the course was quite a bit slower than others and I ended up with the 18th fastest time with a 1:14:43. Faster time for the day was 1:07 so not that far off.

Here is the bike course.

Then on to the run. I was getting some cramps after the swim and they didn’t go away after the bike so was certainly worried but was surprised that I got my rhythm fairly quickly and was off. The last 3 kilometers were hard but eventually I hit the finish line with a nice 1:02:40 which is about 5 minutes + faster than Brockville in 2011.

Ended up with a 2:51:09. That is 5 minutes faster and most of that was made up in the run really as the bike leg was slow. So that is very positive and great training as the one I am more interested in is the Carleton Place which took place one week later.


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