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Fit Month: OBC 15 TT and FINALLY 40kph+

Today was the continuation of Fit Month. From here on in actually it really ramps up with two Triathlons and a Grande Fondo in Ottawa. But tonight was the fairly regular 15k TT. Last week I was close with a 39.7 so getting so close to to 40 KPH and a target I needed to get to as I aim for a year end 42kph average speed.

The whole thing could have ended as tears however as after getting my start time I returned to my bike to realize that my front was flat!! This was the first time that I was planning on using my Soul s4.0 wheels and was surprised that it choose that moment, it had not flatted that I could remember since I had it. Well, that is what spares are for and popped my on. The rim was very very tight so was a bit worried about pinching it and frankly was in a bit of rush and sure enough it pinched.

Great, and I only had one spare! So asked around and first got a full wheel then finally a tube. I decided to see if I can change the tube once more. One advantage to having a faster time is a much later start time so I still had time to put the tube on and if I could inflate it make my start time. This time I used more of my hands to get the tire on the rim and lo and behold it was on and not leaking. Then I realized that the stem was a bit too short and I could not inflate it with my floor pump so had to use my CO2 canister but finally it was mounted, inflated and on the bike.

Phew..I rushed up to the start line with about 6 riders still to go in front of me and then we were off. I didn’t get a lick of warm up. But I was in the race. It took me a while to get my rhythm but it was feeling good.

I still can’t get to the point where I was eons ago where it felt good to push really hard and I just wanted to give it more. In this case I was always pushing as hard as I possibly could and trying to hold the speed. After 5k I was at least over 40kph but felt like there was a bit of headwind, if true if I could only keep a good pace I could accelerate on the way back. The usual slow down for the bridge and the turn around and while my average had dipped below 40kph it wasn’t by much and I felt I could improve in the last 5k. This proved to be correct and by my reckoning I got a 22:25 via the Garmin and a better 22:22 from the official timing (the Garmin will always be off as I have to start the timing after I leave and stop it after I cross the line) with an average of 40.2. First time over 40kph in my new era!!!

Again, the chart tells the tale. The dip at the end is no longer evident and pretty steady effort right to the end.


The splits were interesting as it was the first time my last split was my fastest! And first time that more than one split was over 40kph! Very pleased with myself.


It was a hot hot night (31 degrees C) so thinking that a nice cool night with no breeze would be perfect to bump it up again. So far every TT has been faster so means that anything below 40.2 will now be a disappointment!

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