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Fit Month: OBC Time Trial. Another PB but still can’t break 40 kph

Fit Month continues. After a few weeks I was back at the Ottawa Bicycling Club 15k time trial. Weather was hot but after doing well at the Smiths Falls Tri and feeling in a good shape was wondering if tonight was the night I was going to pass thru the 40 kph barrier?

Unfortunately it was not to be, ended up with 39.74 KPH according to the official stats in a time of 22:39, 10 seconds faster than my previous best. Still not 40 KPH but getting much much closer. I WILL break through in the next 1-3 events. 40 KPH is only another 15 seconds or so!

Despite being so close one reason I wasn’t so down with this time was that finally I was able to push thru the entire 15 k and I even was able to accelerate a bit by the end. I am certainly getting my endurance back now. What I have found is that getting fit and being competitive are two very different things. There are still 30-40 guys and the occasional girl ahead of me out on the course time wise and I don’t know now if I can get to my hoped for 42kph by the end of the year, will take a lot of commitment, but certainly moving in the right direction.

Here are the splits according to the Garmin.


So the middle section is what put me behind.

The wind was strong and coming out of the south and as I turned south towards the turn around it started to bite and I had to really dig to not drop my time too much. You can see the BIG dip when the wind hits. No matter what I did I couldn’t get the speed back up and there is also a few small hills so was in a panic. After the turn around turned on the after burners a bit as you can see. Then spin to the end. To be able to recover and do a PB is a big victory IMHO!


You can see that towards the very end I put on a burst of speed right up to the line which in indicative to me that I am improving.

Ended up being 36 out of 97 participates, which I am liking more than my last outing.

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