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Fit Month Begins–Smiths Falls Tri 2012

And so it begins, Fit Month! Have a lot coming up and this event signals the official start here in Smiths Falls, were it all began a few years ago. This is where I started my very long now route back to fitness after being, well, a slob for many years.

I certainly felt better this year and I knew that my biking was going to be much improved and I have been working on my running so that should be good as well. And I wasn’t totally disappointed although as is often the case I felt that maybe I could have done a bit better. But if you have nothing to improve upon it gets boring!

The course was a bit longer this year, continued infrastructure work in Smiths Falls has meant that the usual figure of eight course is still off limits but they rearranged the run so it’s closer to 5k (4.8) than last year which was about 4.5k. Hopefully by next year it will all be over and we will go back to the fun old course.

As usual some of my family were participating as well, my younger brother and my Mom were entered and some of the extended family members were there to cheer us on. That makes this one all the more unique and special. And also my 10 year son was going to do the 5k run so lots going on!

I came to the start line with an updated arsenal of equipment. Yes I have succumbed to the upgrade disease. There is my new Cervelo P2, Zoot web suit and running shoes and Bell Javelin Helmet. Along with better fitness I wasn’t too nervous as lined up yet again for the usual start next to the Comfort inn on the mighty Rideau.

It ended up being a pretty hot and sunny day, not a lot of clouds in the sky and no wind, so for the first time I put on a bit of sunscreen then headed down the river and the wave instructions.

So how did I do?

Finished in a time of 1 hour, 20 minutes and 30 seconds!

So quite well and moved up the leader board. Here are my overall stats. Last year with a shorter run I did 1:20:59 so I’m thinking about a minute faster compared to last year’s pace. This year ended up 41st out of 141 overall, 36th out of 89 men and 4th out of 14 in my age category. Can’t complain too much about that. And close to a “podium” finish in my age group!


Doug DAVIS Smiths Falls, CAN
12:12.4 41:21.8 26:55.2

So how did this all pan out?


I knew little was going to be determined with the swim and based on that I haven’t been doing a lot of swim training simply hoping that my improved overall fitness would get me through. In particular the Smiths Falls swim, at 500m, is quite short and I didn’t expect to make up much time here. From year to year they seem to change where the chip readers are as overall the times were much slower for everyone. I certainly didn’t feel over a minute slower than last year. I did a 11:05 in 70th place last year and a 12:13 in 2012 for 45th place with roughly the same number of folks in the Tri. This is always the danger a bit of relying on the official stats, need to know the context a bit.


The wetsuit I think did make the swim a bit less taxing and after a bit of kicking and punching from others at the beginning found some space and pace and was soon out of the water. I have been working on my transitions and this one went well so soon enough was out on the bike.


This is where I wanted to shine and I was not disappointed. I ended up with the 10th fastest time on the day and the fastest in my age group (my first 1 on the time sheets!!). It was a good ride most of the way and I diced with another local rider also on a Cervelo and passed rider after rider after rider but was thinking “Don’t worry you’ll get me back in the run!”


Had one touch and go moment where the two of us were coming up on a slower rider and I ended up passing him on the right, a big no no but there was no room on the left safely for the other rider. Then a car was following a slow rider and had to pass him, gave him some advice in a way that he probably felt was rude. Finally a bunch of us, fast and slow, all got pinched in a corner and I brushed the guy that I had been racing. He passed me a couple more times before the bike leg finished but I was able to pass him and get to the line first. Felt like racing which was cool as I always felt I had some reserve left both to get past him and have more for the run.

Across the line, dismount and on to the transition. In the end was credited with a 41:22 with an average speed of 37.7 kph an improvement over last year’s 43:40 at 35.7!

At the transition I struggled with my Zoot shoes, I just have to learn how to get them on really really fast when my legs are cramping up a bit. With two Olympic tris coming up need to get better.

Finally shoes on and off to the run course I go.


In the end my run wasn’t bad, for me. My brother was more or less with me after the transition (he had started five minutes ahead in the young guy wave!) but his pace was too quick and he left me behind after about a k. And all those folks who I passed on the bike course began to pass me and I moved back down the order of things. Despite that it certainly was my strongest run at SF yet and I continue to improve. My pace of 5:37 per k is in line with the slowest I do in training and was improved from last year’s 5:54 but still was the 104th fastest run and is just too slow if I want to really compete. Towards the end I noticed that I had stopped sweating which is always a worry but the finish line was soon in sight. Pushed a bit to keep ahead of the guy running right behind me.

Crossed the line feeling pretty spent which is how it’s suppose to be!!

Gathered all the family together and we headed off to have a picnic!


This was just a good solid Tri by me and I didn’t come with a lot of things to change. The main thing is that I really need to continue to improve, probably at a faster rate, my running. Also my Bike-Run transition left much to be desired.  My bike was awesome and I felt better than I anticipated in the swim despite my slow down in swim training.

To next year! I guess a top 5 bike and a top 20 finish???

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