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A humbling TT–PB but did a lot wrong

Thursday night was again the OBC 15k TT and unlike the two I did before this one was under sunny skies, was warm and the wind wasn’t too bad. I was certain I would improve on my time of 23:21 from the past.

It had also been a great week, did mountain biking on Monday, hard group ride on Monday night, 5k run, swim on Wednesday and some TT training with the Cervelo Wednesday morning. And I felt that between my swim and Thursday night I had given myself enough time to recover.

Before the race I felt great, really felt like this was going to be a good night. I signed up, got my seed number and started the warm up.

Things went downhill from here on in. First of all my cadence/speed sensor went wacky. Was showing me that I was doing 50-60 Kph when I was just spinning along. I just need the cadence so tried to turn off the speed thru the Edge 500’s menus but that just made it not work. Flustered I just turned it off. Since I felt I wanted to push over 80rpm any training around that was out the window. Did a bit of a warmup but was bothered by the glitch.

Soon I was lined up and even faster my time was up and away I went. I was feeling good so I nailed it, 53×12 right out of the gate and kept it there pushing hard. Soon enough the first 5k went by. 6:55 at around 43 kph, wow. I was going to crush this TT.  At about 7k things started to happen, first off I struggled up a little hill then after the turnaround I could tell I had used up too much of my specific energy on the way out. It wasn’t windy or a particularly hilly on the way back, but I could not get my rhythm.

This graph tells the story, steady slow down to the end.


I watched in anguish as my average time when from 41, to 40 to 39.5. Sped up a bit towards the end but came across with an average of 39.2 and a time of 23:01 (because of when you get to turn your computer off and on usually it’s a few seconds off)!

Splits below


Nobody passed me so that was good and in the end my results were still well above the event average, but down in 38th spot Sad smile

Still, my best time in my modern attempts, so have to be happy with that, but now I know a few things.

1- Just because you feel great, don’t sprint out

2- Maybe go one gear lower!

3- Give yourself a bit more recovery time before the TT if you have had a busy week

4- A few seconds count, would have liked to be below 23 minutes!

Off to Cork, Ireland for two weeks so won’t do a TT for a while but next time, I’ll know better!

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