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A bad but weirdly positive week

This week has been hard. First of all my motivation seems to have departed me. I am gaining weight, eating a bit too much and tired.  Secondly I had to travel and that just but me further back.

But oddly, it’s been a very positive week in terms of still being active. Basically since I have committed now to certain things I have found myself out and about and putting in some major hours in a number of activities. So while in the past a bad week would put me back quite a bit this week it just seems to have been negative but with little real impact.

1st off I committed to a Sunday mountain bike ride with my friends so up early Sunday and off to Limerick forest. It was a blast and a lot of fun but I had to pull out early due to other commitments.


Then I had to travel and that slowed me down but since I had a 10k race coming up had to get some mileage in so did a 10k run while in Reston, DC. Discovered their wonderful running path there! Wasn’t a fast run but still was doing something active.


Then Sunday came again and did the Smiths Falls Spring Fling Running Thing 10k distance. Ended up doing, by a very wide margin, a PB of a bit over 53 minutes at a pace I didn’t think I would ever do.

Smiths Falls Spring Fling

I didn’t put in any time on the road bikes and hope to catch up on that later, but even though to me it seemed like a crappy week, manage to hit some high notes! Hope the blahs go away soon!

So I think this is what is meant by being Fit, even when you have bad weeks, you are out and doing a lot!!

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