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The case of the noisy Soul s4.0

So early this year I bought some Soul s4.0s. I was intrigued by the price point and with the Cervelo joining the club I couldn’t keep swapping the Easton EA90s back and forth. I tried to use the wheels that came with the Tarmac, the ones with the Mavic CXP22 rims and some sort of hub, but really that wasn’t going to work, they really sucked. So I took the plunge on the Souls and they arrived within 2 weeks (cool!). Say what you may about the perils of ordering from Taiwan/Singapore etc. these arrived faster into Canada then my Veloce crank from Ribble in the UK.

My last wheel review was I think a little premature. I just installed them on my bike and took a few pictures.  So I wanted to put in a lot of mileage on the Souls before I passed judgement and I am still in the midst of that.  The rims were pretty much ready to go and I had a left over Ultegra cassette that came with the P2 but I didn’t need at the time of purchase. So I spun that on and away I wnent.

1st I tried them with my Cervelo P2. I had changed the crank as well so when it ended up being really noisy, I wondered if it was the crank. I transferred the Souls to the Tarmac and still it was noisy. Something was wrong.

It seemed easy to blame the wheels. Cruddy Chinese knock-offs! But nobody else had this specific complaint. Still they were awfully loud. Any time I went over even a small crack the rear wheel shuddered and dinged. I thought that many there was something loose inside the rim, or that simply the aluminum construction was somehow just that loud.

I took the time to investigate and find out, I know something was wrong but what?? As with anything you have never done before it’s hard to know what’s wrong. I noticed that the cassette was a little bit loose, but I wondered maybe they are supposed to float like that to aid with power transfer (hey, you never know!)


Is this supposed to be this loose??

To the internet Batman!!  Lo and behold a lot of folks had this problem on other wheels and it was the cassette.  I thought I had tightened it but with all the warnings about proper torque levels I guess I just hadn’t done it hard enough. I applied more power and it certainly could spin some more.


Push this level a bit more!!

Slapped the wheel back on the Tarmac and bingo…quiet as expected! Case closed!

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