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General Update

Noticed that I haven’t updated my blog in a while and I know a lot of folks do just trail off after a year or two. I don’t plan to do that.  Mostly I have been busy with both a heavy schedule with the kids as Hockey come to its crescendo for the year as well as ramping up my riding as the weather turns nicer. 

I have a lot of blog entries that I am working on including the following

1- I bought some Soul s4.0 wheels and will do a review of that soon

2- I upgraded the compact crank on my Cervelo P2 to a regular Campagnolo veloce crank and I took lots of pictures

3- I now have an Edge 200 and will compare that to my Edge 500

How are things going on my weight? For almost a year now I have been stuck at around 194-196. This happened once before when I was stuck at 200-202 for quite some time. However at this time of the year I usually can drop 5-10 pounds simply because I am so much more active and I feel about 10% better than I did this time last year. So I am looking forward to getting into the 180s soon.

Bike has been getting dirty! Doing more commuting now.


In the last two days I did a good steady 2 hour bike and a 7km run with lots more to come!

So while it has been quiet here, it has not been quiet!!

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