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Spending some quality time with Foldie in Seattle

I am in Seattle all this week and its great to be somewhere where it is at least warm. If it wasn’t for the fact that  I really do like the sun, this is a great place to be for early winter training at least.

So I decided to bring Foldie, my Dahon Speed 7, to get some good quality time in the saddle.

I also have been improving my packaging of the bike and this time did not have to remove the rear rack to get it into the same luggage as last year. The last piece of the puzzle was making sure I reduced the handlebar height.

With that done when I arrived simply had to slap the wheels and seatpost back on and I was ready.


Year on bike is better equipped for the longer rides I do

My days were going to be quite busy but there is an excellent river path that starts right near my hotel and leads to the Sammamish River path which doesn’t cross any roads for about 20 kms and with the help of my lights on the bike is well illuminated.

Evening Ride in Seattle by 100tofit at Garmin Connect – Details.

Distance: 38.28 km
Time: 1:52:27
Avg Speed: 20.4 km/h
Elevation Gain: 125 m
Calories: 1,322 C

I rode from about 8pm to 10pm and it was awesome! Thanks Foldie

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