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My last Tri of 2011–Sydney Australia Hills Club Tri

Finally getting back to things now that the holidays are more or less over. Kids back to school, work back to it’s regular rhythms. Wondered what the damage was so looked down on the scale and whoops…up 5 pounds. Crap and I want this year to rule…

But this isn’t about the year ahead, it’s to finish the year behind.

In early December 2011 I had to head down to Australia to cover for a colleague who had left the company quite suddenly. With little time to prepare I still did want to see if I could fit in a tri and lo and behold, due to the power of the internet, there was a tri out at the Olympic Rowing basin though the Hills Triathlon Club (www.hillstriclub.com).

The race was in the evening on a Saturday, but that would give me a chance to do some things during the day and get ready. I had my Tarmac so was ready to rock.

Unfortunately two of the things I did during the day was to do a run around the harbour in Sydney then do a ride up a small mountain.

So I arrived at the transition area pretty tired and had a wee nap.  When I woke up I felt better but knew this wasn’t going to be my best Tri of the year as least in terms of results, but could be a lot of fun.

The tri is in and around the rowing basin and was a very cool location for a tri.


Under a beautiful blue sky I racked up in the transition area.


I won’t do my usual swim/bike/run analysis because I realized with about 15 minutes to go this one was going to be for fun. I was tired, it had been a long day and I was looking forward to a big ride the next day.

The swim was interesting in that you proceeded up the basin to the start line (in our case 750m) then entered. You then swam in a straight line so you were able to stay focused on your swim.  Water was so smooth and we were effectively in a lane so it was a simple case of just following the buoys up the line. At the end there was a nice ramp and lots of helpers in he transition area.

The bike was a bit windy and was a loop around the basin. I felt good and was keeping to my usual 34-35kph when I hit THE wall. I was just done and knew it. I slacked back, finished the ride and did a decent run I think.

My results reflected how I felt at the beginning.  There were 80 men and I finished 72nd (ouch) but what was really bad was that my bike was worst than my swim and I was low there. Usually I am competitive in the cycle at least. Run was in line to where I feel I am now. Anyways it was fun and was a great way to spend a Saturday evening and now I have done Tris in Canada, US, UK and Australia. My basic sense is that there is a pretty standard template for running a Tri worldwide and most of organizers get it right. Another well run event.

My Full Results:

72 Doug DAVIS Finished 1:24:22 Swim: 0:16:14 (60) Bike: 0:39:41 (64) Run 0:28:27 (78)

So a few take aways

1- Evening Tris are not optimal when you have to make sure you rest for most of the day

2- When you know you are going to blow up, best to just slow down and enjoy the ride

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