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My first big run injury — ouch

Have been making some good progress in my run and with the mission Bay Tri in San Diego a few days away I was just going to get out for a final 5k and also try one out without socks which I discovered nobody uses in Triathlons.

Weather was quite nice for late September in eastern Ontario and as I started off I felt good, got into my groove and after the 1st k looked like it was going to be a good one.

As I ran over one of the two small bridges along the route I suddenly twisted my left ankle enough to basically collapse then was sprawled all over the tarmac with my iPhone thrown down the road. It all happened in a micro second.


The bridge had looked smooth to me as I ran on it in the past but I didn’t realize that it has a pretty well hidden cuphole.

What is a cuphole? Unlike a pothole, which is big enough to be felt in a car and screw up your alignment, a cuphole is only small enough for a foot, and my left foot had fallen right into it.

The damage was pretty bad. My left ankle was quite sore. It has been a nasty twist and I was worried for it. My right leg was pretty bloodied up as well. So they both hurt.


I walked  the 1k home and after two hours my hamburgered leg really started to hurt. Which I understand means the healing process has begun.

Cleaned up and bandaged up I hope it’s better for Mission bay!

My iPhone was fine BTW…

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