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Time for a wetsuit

As I lined up for the Brockville Olympic triathlon this weekend I noticed something. I probably noticed it in the past but today it was really stark. I was a single white body in a wave of wetsuit clad athletes.  I haven’t warmed up the idea of a wetsuit, but after trying one out at the Reading Tri last year and getting a much better time then I have before I was thinking that next year I would pick one up. As I passed the 1k mark on the swim I began to think that maybe this is the year to invest. Was getting a few cramps as the swim ended and being a bit more refreshed while getting a better time…well I’m sure many people have made this calculation.

Is it fair, is it cheating? It is a pure assist device but then so is a tri bike I guess (although not having a Tri bike hasn’t held me back). In the end who cares, clearly everyone has one, so time to man up and agree I need one too.

If the stars align I will be doing the sprint tri in Ottawa on the long weekend. Having a wet suit so I can nail the bike leg sounds good to me. I will report on my purchase if it occurs!

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