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What happens when you meet your goal by a mile

So I am sitting here in the middle of the summer and thinking ahead to next year’s SF tri. Snicker if you want but to me this is my Tour De France. It’s the one race I want to do well and this year I progressed well above my multi-year plan to be very competitive, maybe even win it? But it’s now another 10 months off. After the race I was worried about being unmotivated until 6 months before next year’s race. And that is what happened.

I thought that I would get motivated by having my first Olympic Tri, but I know that this one will just be to get a sense of how I can do in the longer distance then I will factor that into next years plans. I am still running (and running a lot more than I have in the past), swimming and biking. But it’s not as intense as it was leading up to the SF Tri. And I am certainly not thinking holistically, food intake is up, beer intake is up, weight is up….yep it’s summer.

What should I do? I think in my younger days I would have found the motivation within, but then all I had to worry about was school, a bit of work and how to keep my girlfriend. Today it’s a big job in a hyper competitive space, a family with four kids and a million little things.

Greg Lemond won the 1986 Tour de France. Do you remember anything else he did in 1986 (He did get shot in 1987 after in that hunting accident!)?Moments are sometimes like that. They define you and no matter what else you do you always have that. For that matter, Neil Armstrong is probably one of the most famous people of the 20th Century, name one other thing he did other than 1st man on the moon. In a thousand years he will still be the 1st man to step on a body not the Earth.  How do you get motivated every day when you know you have that.

It’s a bit like that (well kinda like 1% like that) and we tend to rest on our laurels. I don’t need to do well at the Brockville Tri since I did so well at the Smiths Falls Tri. And I don’t need to train as hard as I surpassed my main goal.

Lesson learned…set a higher goal!!

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