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How to destroy your Mountain Bike in 3 months of winter commuting

So it finally dried up in the forest trails around the office and I lugged my mountain bike out from the back of the shed. Hmmm…it didn’t look good.

Still, as usual didn’t have time to really do much more than lube and go so off I went.  Then I tried to shift..oh oh.

I bought my Devinci back in early 2010, and now one year later it’s pretty much toast. How did this happen? Then I remembered. My brilliant idea to commute through the winter of the world’s 2nd or 3rd coldest capital (depends on the list, either way Ulan Bator wins). Life was frantic as a winter commuter. I was usually a bit late for work, so I just had to pile the bike up in the corner, then at night repeat the same process. I lubed when I could but I didn’t keep up. The results were shocking. And in the end I HATED winter commuting! It was cold, I had to put on lots of clothes then take off lots of clothes. My studded tires squirmed across the road and I feared for my life every pedal stroke. I was either too hot (bearable) or too cold (painful) and in the end I had 500 times more fun and results riding in the basement with my sufferfest videos.

So let’s review the damage.

First off it won’t shift.  I am stuck on the middle gear of the front derailleur and can only shift on from the highest (smallest gear) on the back to about half way up the cassette. The shifter just stops catching on anything after a while and won’t do much. Annoyingly the chain jumps. And no wonder, look at the grime and rust around these puppies.

Front DerailleurRear Derailleur

Secondly it won’t stop. The disk brakes squeal like a pack of pigs, braking comes and goes. The rear disk is bent and there is salt grime on everything.

Front DiskRear disk

The suspension doesn’t really work, and it’s all cracked and rusty to boot.


Rest of the bike just looks old and tired.

Front Crank

Overall looks like something I found in a farmer’s shed that had been sitting there for years.

But I love my Devinci, it was the first bike I bought (even before the Specialized) when I recommitted to biking again. But it’s winter days are over. At least the frame is still fine. Back to the trails but first a bit of a rebuild. Already new Brake Disks are on the way, and the new Deore XT gruppo looks hot.

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