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Weight and other Issues!

It’s been a while so some basic updates.

This time last year I was 213 pounds, today I am 193. That is pretty good, except, I was 193 in December, and in January and so on. I am stuck at 193. Now last year after some good progress I was stuck at 200 until about this time (end of may). Then the season really kicked in and lots of morning rides and tris. I hope this is what works this year.

What hasn’t been working is a diet. I have the names of a few dieticians and I think I will try one soon but for now just trying to accelerate my training now that the weather is here.

I am also continuing to bring my old Gardin up to some sort of spec and recently won an ebay auction on a crank to replace my worn current one (and I don’t have a left hand side crank so that will be fixed through this purchase as well). However I was also following a set of Campy Victory brake hoods and brake levels and after 4 days nobody had outbid me but then at the last minute I was outbid. That sucks and I hate that aspect of ebay. I have to work and can’t watch it like a hawk. I tried to put a maximum bid that would work. So that kinda sucks. So still looking for a solution for the brake hoods 😦

BTW, somebody is reading my blog, the stats are showing some daily activity, so hi there!

Also on my Gardin I had bought these Forte tires. They looked pretty good and I assumed they were some brand name tire OEMed to Performance Bikes. Maybe that is true but it didn’t work out all that well. On only my first major ride the sidewall failed! My tire blew, and when I changed the tire it blew as well. That sucked…  I had other tires around so I changed it but not what I was hoping for with these tires. So avoid I guess.

I will soon blog about my Easton EA90 Aeros I just bought for my Specialized. They certainly don’t suck!!

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