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Adventures with Foldie the Folding bike

So I am just finishing off about 4 weeks of continual travel.  This is a very sensitive time of the year for training. The winter is finally starting to release it grasp on the weather and warmer days and nights begin to appear. The sun is up sooner so morning rides beckon. Groups rides and triathlons begin. But just as things started to ramp up I found out I was going to be all over the place. This just wouldn’t do.

I know that I would be able to catch up a little bit through the fitness centers in the various hotels I was going to be at, but nothing beats the ability to get out on the road. I had been looking at a folding bicycle for a while and I took this opportunity to pick up the Dahon.

So how did it go. I did put up a blog entry on my Seattle trip, now here is how it went in France and Vegas.

First though I did spend some time in St. Petersburg Russia. I was thinking a bit about riding my bike there, but after walking a short way on my possible course…no way!

Take a look at this view of a common St. Petersburg intersection!

Bikes not welcome here!


But then it was off to Paris. Now this is a city that caters to bicycles it seems. I was working there Thursday and Friday but was free from Friday afternoon until Sunday. The weather was beyond amazing, 20+ degrees Celsius and wall to wall sunshine.


Foldie in Paris!

On the Saturday really had a great adventure. I was planning to cycle from where the hotel was near La Defense down to Versailles. Along the way I had been told to check out the Hippodrome where hundreds of cyclists gather for ad hoc races which never really ended but you simply attached yourself to a draft and away you go. Did this for about 3 laps the first time then again for 2 more laps on my way back. At one point the pack was going at 40+ kph and I was able to keep up in the draft. Got some looks but folding bicycles are common in France.

After the first laps I meandered down to Versailles thru the woods and villages, this was a very nice ride, then back again. What a great way to see the city and not something I would see from the Metro or cabbing it!

Here is a recap thanks to my Gamin 500.


Sunday was April 10th and the annual running of the Paris Roubaix was on so had to see that, what a blast, I will blog about that soon too!

Then spend a few days in London, but was unable to fit in any biking time then off to Vegas for a technology show (made $300 on blackjack and bought a netbook with my winnings too!)

The show was at the Red Rock Resort, which is on the fringes of Western Las Vegas and only about a kilometer or two from the Red Rock Canyon.  The sunrise was around 6am so was able to get out around 545 each morning. The weather (as usual) was awesome in Vegas and each morning greeted me with mild winds and clear skies. The road up and down the canyon has a full wide shoulder and there was plenty of company on all kinds of bikes. Certainly my bike was heavy to get up and over the hill but was still a joy.


Again, thanks to my Garmin 500 we can review the ride! Using the Satellite view here.


Foldie is one of the best invests I have done in a while and not always dreading travel now!!

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