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And so it begins…getting ready for the Smiths Falls Tri

Today is four months (more or less!) to the Smiths Falls Tri. It’s not a big Tri, it doesn’t loom large in anybody’s books or gets much coverage. Somewhere around 200-300 people show up and do their thing.
But for me it’s the big one of the year.

1st off, its my home town Tri. All I have to do is get up in the morning and cycle down to the start. Secondly it goes by my house and my whole family is out there cheering me one. And lastly, my mom and one or two of my brothers come up to partake and overall it’s a great event followed by a BBQ at my house.

And it has wupped my ass four times now. I don’t do well, last year I did better but compared to the tris later in the year it’s light year behind how I feel at the end of the season. It’s a training tri almost. That just won’t cut it. This year will be different. I didn’t sandbag all that much over the winter, and now with the weather is improving I am riding more often to and from work and have already gotten in one training ride on the Tarmac when the weather spiked to 10 degrees C last week.

My aim is to crack 1:20. Whoa, that is a massive 15 minutes faster than last year, which was 12 minutes faster than the year before. Is this possible? I think so.

1st off, I will be doing some running training. I have started adding a 15 minute run on the treadmill before my regular lunch swim, already that has helped. I will up that to 20 minutes and push myself a bit faster. That should really help.

Swimming I think I have been doing enough to move up the list there. And bicycling if my ride on the Tarmac was any indication by sufferfest sessions have been working.

Here’s to June!!

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