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Is an Indoor Training Tire worth it?

Recently noticed that the rear tire on my Tarmac was getting thin, obviously all that time spent with the sufferfest was having an effect. With still at least another 2-3 months before I stop using the trainer I doubt it will make it to the end.

So decided to join the orange revolution, no not the one in the Ukraine, but the increasingly popular decision to put a training specific tire on your bike for the winter. I considered that I also had a boatload of older tires from various past wheels hanging around and maybe those could be put to use, but a training tire has the advantage of being somewhat permanent.

I purchased the Continental Ultra Sport HomeTrainer from my local LBS for about $50.  The person I bought it from said that I probably wouldn’t be able to install this at home as it’s pretty stiff. Aha, a challenge.

Well..she was right. This tire is very stiff and doesn’t have some of the give that a normal tire would. Often I would finally get it on one side, then notice the other side had since gone off. Very frustrating. It destroyed two sets of fairly solid plastic tire levers and the one time I did get the tire mounted fully the inner tube was pinched and leaked. So two sets of tire irons at $4 a pop and a $4 tube. I’m up to $62 and still don’t have it mounted.

So back to mec.ca and too see what was on offer in the area of more “professional” levers. This time I ordered some Filzer Shop Tire Levers for another $20. I wanted something a bit more robust for home anyways so maybe can’t really say this was a cost of the training tire, but let’s say yes so we are up to $82. The new tire levers were great and I will use these a lot in the future but in the end was still too difficult to mount these on the wheels that came with my Tarmac without risking some major scratching so decided to put it on that old Fiori I have been using from time to time. That way I can keep using it to supplement my training in the summer. I still prefer to use the Tarmac so that one I will just let it eat up the tire then replace them in the spring. Thinking of getting a better wheelset anyways in the spring. Even with the super levers still pinched two inner tubes. One I tossed (another $4) but the other one I patched as at this rate I was going to run out of tubes before I got a chance to see if my investment works. So in the end the tire “cost” me around $85.

Considering I have 3 old tires with some thread still hanging around I think I would have been been a bit better off using an old tire, but it’s mounted now and hopefully will stay there for some time!!

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