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Goals for 2011

New Year, new goals!
I enter 2011 at 193 pounds, or 20 pounds less than when I entered 2010 (I was 213 pounds then). Depending on who you talk to the beginning of the year is either a bad time to set goals (you overreach and set unrealistic ones) or the best time (you are focused on renewal). I tend to think it’s the best time and I have been successful in the past with resolutions. So here goes! I definitely want to make mine fitness specific (no shock there) but also measurable. It’s great to be on an great trend already. I didn’t gain really anything over the holidays (despite 4(!!) christmas meals…) and have most of what I need in place to keep things going (trainer downstairs, fitness membership etc.). And I am focused!!

So some specifics.
1- I will be 173 pounds on Dec. 31st, 2011. Last year I wanted to get down to 185, and I missed that by about 7 pounds but overall it was successful in every other sense. Hope this year is great as well.
2- I will crack 1hr 25 minutes at the Smiths Falls Tri. That means I have to shave 10 minutes again (shaved 12 minutes in 2010). Very doable if I take my running a bit more serious and get better transitions.
3- I will do a Olympic Length Tri. Upping the effort and time level a bit here. There are a number of opportunities to do this distance in and around Ottawa
4- I will learn to wheelie my Ducati (this last one isn’t fitness related, but still a goal!)

I am using the new year to ramp up my training schedule and having some great success riding to work through the snow and doing some indoor training. Will update on that soon.

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