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Incorporating Biking into Travelling

I love biking, especially while travelling as it is a great way to really see the place you are visiting. Unfortunately I have found that if you want to add a little bit of training to your regime you are usually out of luck.  Finding a heavy, lazy riding city bike is easy, in some cities like Montreal, Paris and now London you can just pick one off the street, but you can’t really do any training.

When I travel to Europe (up to 10 times a year) I usually have to hang out for a weekend. Instead of the usual tourist mode decided this year as part of 100tofit program to incorporate this into my biking training.

There is always the folding bike solution, but that makes what is already a stressful airplane flying experience just a wee bit more stressful.  And to me anyways folding bikes just look a bit too odd still. There are a few that come close but they are expensive. So I began to look at alternatives.

Depending on where you go there is often a local bike shop that will rent you a more sporty bike. Recently in the UK I did such a thing and rented for the weekend a Giant Defy bike from triuk in Yeovil, England. See bike pic below. This was a Shimano 2300 equipped aluminum bike, fairly basic but miles ahead of the city bikes you usually get. It did what was needed of it.


The process was pretty easy, prepaid for it before I left, drove to the shop Saturday morning, they put my pedals on it and away I went. I think I was in the shop for less then 20 minutes.  Did have to leave a hefty deposit which took a while to get back on my VISA, but this is an established bike shop so didn’t feel too worried.

Since Yeovil is in the south west of England I then headed up to Exmoor national park. Now as a Canadian when I think of National parks I think wilderness for miles around and rugged paths. Hmmm. Not so much in England.  There are villages and people, loads of people and the designated cycle route is on those tiny hedge lined roads that are often rated at 50mph or higher.  After scouting the route I decided to abandon it and go inland so to speak. The general area I rode is in the photo below.


This proved awesome, very few cars, small villages, great steep climbs and beautiful views.

Having procured my bike I wondered if I could do a Triathlon while I was over there, and sure enough there was one about 10 miles from our Maidenhead European HQ. Next post I will talk about the Reading Tri, my most successful tri this year!!

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