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Ottawa Triathlon Sept 2010

After the Smiths Falls Tri earlier in the year and based on my failings in the past I knew I needed to sign up for a later Triathlon. The Ottawa Canadian Event takes place on the long weekend in September and is on the Saturday which is a bit different from the usual Sunday event time but would fit my needs.  Also it meant that I had the whole summer to really get more in shape. The Ottawa Tri has many classes, from full Ironman down to try a sprint. I entered the Sprint Tri with distances of 750m swim, 30km cycle and 5km run. So a bit longer than the one I had done in June.

I think the pictures tell the story, I’m still not trim but looking a bit more the part. I finished in a time of 1:51:09 and 16th out of 19th in my age group. Was moderately pleased but would have liked to do better. Full results at the end of this entry. Winning time in my age group was 1:25:01 so effectively I have to find about 25 more minutes of speed! Overall finished 150th, about 70% down in the list.

BTW, the glasses which I think look great were $9 at Zellers. Did the business!

As usual the organization was fantastic, it was easy to find where you needed to go, there were lots of volunteers and lots of space in transition.  Everything set up time to head towards the beach.



The swim portion took place in the Mooney’s bay beach area. It was easy to get into the water to warm up a bit. As you can see I have updated my gear and now have a Zoot tri pants and shirt. Felt much better to have something designed for what I am doing. Still not a wetsuit kind of guy but at least I look more the part.

There were many different classes going on at one time, some of the Ironman and Olympic distances were underway so was a bit of a scheduling challenge but worked out great. 2 minutes to go started to get the butterflies a bit but then we were off.

The course is fairly easy to follow but you do have a few “obstacles” to get around, some poles and buoys which weren’t obvious. So lots of looking up from time to time.

Came out of the water in a time of 16:30 and it felt pretty good but the fastest time in my age group was 13:11 so more improvement to go!

The run to the transition was fairly quick and my transition time was 2:01, which seemed about average, but some folks were a minute faster.


Zoomphoto Event Photography 

This was the first race with my new Specialized bicycle and I was excited to see how it would be.  Overall was very pleased with how it went. The course was completely closed and runs along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Fantastic course and you could focus 100% on your race and not worry about cars.

Again there were many classes on the course and some of these folks were scary fast. I was able to keep up to some, passed others and was passed by quite a few as well. Still felt good. At the finish my time was 1:01:29 with an average of 29.3kph. Fastest time was 50:30 with an average of 35.6kph so there is 10 minutes of my time lost right there.

The bike was excellent. Definitely want to get a Tri bike eventually, but have promised myself that until the engine is running better stick with a road bike. I plan to have multiple bikes for multiple uses, so I will always keep a road bike and a mountain bike besides any future tri bike.

It was also fun to see who was posing. You get really slow guys (always guys, girls don’t seem to suffer from this) on clearly very very expensive bikes going about 22-25kph.  I ended up with a lot of ladies as the elite women I think went right after me in the swim, but that wasn’t such a bad thing!

One thing I tried was to ingest some hammer gels when I was riding. I found that I had a pretty dry mouth so it didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. I think for this distance I will keep to the drinks. Also didn’t drink as much as I thought I might. Again at the sprint distances maybe not as much of an issue.


Zoomphoto Event Photography

Soon enough the bike was over. My transition time was 2:21 so still slow there as well. Good Transition time seemed to be in the 1:30 or less area. Still, with runners on it was out on the course, which also followed the canal. This is where I always die and any time I make up or are competitive in the swim and bike I give it all back in the run. In 2011 this has to be a focus. But while in Smiths Falls I mostly did a slow jog, here I did a moderate jog. Still my times were horrible. I did the 5k in 28:49, only one person was slower than me. The winning time in my age group was 17:17, a full ten minutes and more faster. I don’t like to run, but I love to do tris so you gotta do what you gotta do.



With the run coming to an end the course leads back into the transition area an onto the outdoor track. I followed another guy from my age group and was able to get close but he beat me by a few seconds. Still I felt so much better than the tri in Smiths Falls and was able to give a bit of a kick at the end!  I want to do this one again next year (it’s a great safe course) but will be aiming for the Olympic distance!! Aim high right?


This was probably the best idea I had all year, to have another BIG event at the end of the summer. I think, family permitting, next year I will try to do the Smiths Falls Tri (it’ starts 5k from my house), this one and now another one in mid summer, as well as some time trials and I guess some runs! If I just improve my swim and bike by a bit, my transition by a bit and my run by a lot I should be able to shave 8-10 minutes off my time. Next year will tell!

Full Results for 2010 40-44 Age Group Sprint Tri Ottawa Canadian Triathlon


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