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2011 Starts right now

Well the cold weather is here so that means usually time to slow down and wait out the chill until spring. Often that means the muscles get weak and the pounds add up. However this was such a great year I can’t just let it fade away like that. So have cast my mind forward to next year and hopefully a more agressive set of events. That means at least three tris, some time trails and hopefully more group rides and swims.  My aim is to continue to improve my fitness and not have to catch up in the new year when spring arrives. However that doesn’t mean as much as I have been doing. Will concentrate on my swimming mostly and dragged out the eliptical trainer down in the dungeon and increase the number of rest days.

Since I know that one problem could be having to catch up on my biking again, I have decided to “try” to ride year around. Maybe only once or twice a week but when the weather is nice (which here means sunny, no wind and -5) get out there. To that end have recently picked up some cold weather riding gear and looking at studded tires for my Devinci.

On the weight side Project 188 didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. Still stuck at 193 pounds. Why? One word FOOD.  Need to get more desciplined there.  Hope to have some good news on that front by next week.

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