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A Tale of Two Tris

Looking a little worst for it at the end of my 2010 efforts

In June of this year I did the first of three triathlons that I ended up doing this year.  The first triathlon of this year was the Smiths Falls Classic on June 20, 2010. Now I live in Smiths Falls so this is in essence my home Triathlon. This was the main way that I was using to get myself motivated to finally get my butt in gear and get fit and since it was really close I wouldn’t have to worry about travel etc. But this wasn’t the first time I tried to do this!!

Back in 2008 I felt quite a bit like I did in 2010. I was in the same weight range (around 215 pounds) and I wanted to do something about it. I also decided then to get into shape and use the motivation of a triathlon to move things along. I also did some fitness related things but not as much as I needed, but still I was ready and willing to do things to make it happen. So on that Sunday in 2008 I lined up with the hundreds of other folks and set off. I did finish, which in of itself was a major achievement and got my times. It ended up derailing my plans for a couple of years.

Here are my 2008 times. My overall time was 1 hour, 46 minutes and six seconds.

Douglas DAVIS Smiths Falls ON 1:46:06   21st out of 23 men in my age group. 147 out of 157 men overall 205th in swim at 16:16 233rd in the run at 34:05  and 218th in the bike at 55:46

Pretty much a the bottom of the list across the board. I got discouraged, stopped working out and what little weight I lost I regained. So one lesson was don’t do an event if you know you will do badly and get depressed afterwards! I wasn’t prepared and it showed.

In 2010 I did the same event, exact same distances and routes. My overall time was 1 hour, 34 minutes and 53 seconds. Or over 12 minutes faster!!

Doug DAVIS Smiths Falls ON 1:34:53 15th out of 16 men in my age group 87th out of 114 men overall 99th in the swim at 14:00 150th in the run at 31:27  and 90th in the bike 49:27 31.

If you compare the two you will see that my swim was 2 minutes faster, my run 5 minutes faster and my bike 6 minutes faster. And I felt a bit more competitive. So what was different?

Two things.

1 was commitment.  I put a plan together and I kept to it. I swam and I biked a lot more then in 2008.

2 was a post triathlon plan. I knew I wanted to still do things after so I planned my fitness plan around things I could keep up with after the fact. That made the time spent leading up to the event doing things at a pace and at times that I knew I would be able to maintain after the event. In 2008 this was all I was doing, so when I finished it wasn’t a rallying call to keep going but a milestone that I had now met and could sit back and enjoy the summer. Once you get off track basically you are back at square one and in 2010 I had to start it aaaallll over again.

As you can see from my finish shot in 2010, still not looking like a pure athlete yet. At this time I was still over 200 pounds, I think 202, and have since lost about 8 more so in the end of the year triathlons I looked I think quite a bit better! Next year my aim is to be around 175 by the time of the first tri of the year so another 20 pounds from where I am now!!

So after this one was done I keep at it and entered two additional tris which were pretty fantastic, but that is a blog entry for another day!

I still didn’t run enough and in putting together my 2011 plan running will be a huge part of that. I still don’t like running but I need to improve. I am starting to think that in 2011 I can be competitive in the swim and in the bike but don’t want to lose it all in the run.  I plan to add one or two weekly runs starting in early spring.

Still stuck around 194…project 188 was derailed by a week in Europe and Canadian Thanksgiving, but with those now behind me should get back on track with this!!

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