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Make a public statement

Current Weight 195 Pounds
Goal: 185 Pounds
Pounds Lost: 18 Pounds
Pounds to go: 10
Summer is winding down and I wanted to finish off my “general” posts and get into some specifics on what worked and what didn’t work. Now I am not a expert but one thing I wanted to do in my fitness plan was make it extremely generic. You don’t need to have complex menus, fitness plans that are timed to the minute or a weekly plan that requires a small computer to track. You just need to weave it into your life. Your muscles don’t really care if they get protein in a little bar or complain much really when you have a beer as long as in general you are doing things better. This is a long term plan, starting with 100 days (that’s 3 and a bit months).  In general my plan has worked, I am generally more fit then I have been in a while and 18 pounds, while below my goal, is still pretty good. Could I have done better, sure, but I still did well.  And I feel great!  I as now going into the winter mode, the most dangerous part of any fitness program and I have some plans to keep at it. Based on what I learned this year I hope to have a much stronger and powerful 2011. It will also give me some time to do some more interesting specific posts. But before working on a series of posts on the specific activities I did this year I wanted to talk about probably the best motivation I had this year, the fear of embarrassment. Like the best TV shows of the Biggest Loser genre making a public statement is a powerful tool. I felt that I needed to make a very public statement that 1- yes I am a tubby hubby and 2- I can convert! I found I think the perfect event for that.
 Back when I was fit a number of things added in this process. First off I didn’t have a car so I needed to bike everywhere. Secondly I was a lifeguard so swam all the time and thirdly I was a dork so had to run away from bullies all the time (actually this last part is untrue and is reflected in my suckee run times!). All of this lead to become involved in triathlons. I was also an avid cyclist and did well with the Ottawa Bicycling Club (I wonder if they are a bit less snobby these days? I hope so. In my days if your name wasn’t Gord Fraser you tended not to get much help and yes he did go one to do the Tour but I think a lot of talent got left unnurtured) but I loved the extremeness of the triathlon. And I was pretty good at it. Had at least one top ten finish that I recall and always did well. I really enjoyed the time I spend in the swim/bike/run during my high school and university days. And while it was a bit of a struggle to find Tri events in the past, now there is at least one or more to choose from every weekend. So Tris it was going to be.
If you have read (and looks like your haven’t based on my stats) you will see that I am doing swimming and biking but still not running. God running is painful and every runner I know is pretty much crippled by 30, but since I am not specializing in running I hope I can ease myself into it. Biking is fairly low impact and swimming is basically the only low impact sport you can do without launching yourself into space to get some zero gee. That will be a winter goal, do more running to at least get competitive.
But getting ahead of myself again. In late spring I took a major step and signed up!  In the end did three triathlons over the summer and progressively did better in each one. I just finished my last one yesterday and it was great, with some semi- competitive times in the swim and the bike, run is what is killing me right now. Now I am hooked and ready for next year. But my next Tri is at least 7-8 months away so goal is to see if my mental toughness has grown so I can keep going during the time that traditionally fattens everyone up again!
Triathlons aren’t for everyone. First off I know a lot of people can’t really swim and it’s hard to learn that later in life and be competitive. I understand that. But if you can swim the other run events, biking and running, are more about building up your strength while swimming competitively is a fairly complex task that I still notice some folks just can’t get right. There are increasingly dualathlons and other types of combined events that fill this need. But I am a purist. It is also a very individual event, well unless you do a relay, but again we are talking the classic single man (or woman, lots of woman doing these as well) swim your guts out, pump your legs over the pedals then run like a madman towards the finish line.
Also being in an event like this means that you have to make a certain level of commitment that is a bit higher than say a fun run or charity ride. Everything is timed, photos are taken and results posted. You can’t fake your way thru a tri and it’s not meant for the faint of heart. I will post my times and comments on each of my tris in the coming weeks. 
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