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Finally making some progress

Current Weight 198 Pounds
Goal: 185 Pounds
Pounds Lost: 15 Pounds
Pounds to go: 13
Finally making some headway. Combination of lots of riding and getting a bit social. Saturday did a group ride which was fairly fast for me and felt great. Really starting to see the difference in how I look but still lots to go. Also trying to reduce, even if so slightly, what I eat and that seems to be working better. This week I am at a conference. WARNING WARNING! These things are evil. Need to keep all the food out of my system. Have been skipping the event meals to get more healthy fixins elsewhere. Won’t be able to weigh myself until I get back. Pre-Conference weight is 198 pounds, I hope it is about 197 or below when I get back home on Friday!
Have a sprint tri coming up on Sept. 4th and feel pretty good about it, this week long trip I hope doesn’t put me too far back. Then home for a week to try and get ready. With it being on a Saturday will do a lot of prep up to Friday, then take Friday mostly off.  I will report back on how things go!
2 hour Group Ride
About 2 hours of other saddle time.
Short 20 min swim
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