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I am a human Hovercraft – stuck at 200 pounds

Current Weight 200 Pounds
Goal: 185 Pounds
Pounds Lost: 13 Pounds
Pounds to go: 15

So have been fixing what I would say is my fitness problem. Love jumping on my bike and have even started doing more running of late. But for over 4 weeks I have been stuck at around 200 pounds. Turns out I have been converting my weight from fat to muscle but the weight has remained the same. That is a pretty common problem. Unless you reduce your intake, you are only moving the weight around. You will eventually decline but not at the rate you are hoping. You cannot cheat your body, if weight is not going down then you are eating too much. No other reason really. Still I feel and look better, so why is that a problem? Well for one extra weight is still an indicator for a lot of health problems and over time puts more strain on muscles, joints, the heart etc. so this needs to be resolved. Secondly part of what I have been hoping for is a visual change, and at 5.8 200 pounds is still a lot of flesh to hang on these bones, even though my clothes fit better and I feel better.  The only solution is to take in less and that, as I have said, remains a problem.

Food is yummy, accessible, cheap and actually really hard to track. I will make a two week blitz to see if I can get down to 195, the next major milestone.  Updates coming up.

Things I have done in the last two days.

15k Bike ride on Road bike

20 min run

45 min Mountain Bike ride at lunch

10 min swim

So lots going on in terms of fitness action!!

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