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Time to get updated

I know, it’s been a while. Overall it’s been a great summer, really was able to get fit. Get up most mornings early to put in some time on the bike, swim or bike at lunch etc. And that was the purpose, to get active and that happened. While my weight didn’t come in as low as I had hoped, I did lose 15 pounds from where I had started. I also made being fit part of usual routine and now I can’t wait to get on the bike or swim. But about that weight loss. I have been stuck at about 198-201 for a while now so need to get back on track. Food is my nemesis, I really like to eat and when I am hungry I like to enjoy. Not sure yet how I resolve that! I really want to be 185 soon. So starting all the process over again in a sense except that now I am starting from a much better position. I have beaten the “get active” challenge, now need to challenge that into the “lose weight” challenge, which is larger in every other way.

So let’s begin again. Today I am 201 pounds (gained a bit while on vacation last two weeks). Within the next 100 days I would like to get down to 185. Let’s begin!

I want to start adding real content on the bikes, events and other things that I have done to get to this improvement and as I improve again in the future. So look for that soon as well.

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