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Where’s the weight loss?

  • Day 6
  • Weight 211 Pounds
  • Pounds to go: 31 Pounds
  • Lost so far: 1.4 Pounds
  • Yesterday’s Activities: Quiet Day
  • Yesterday’s Sins: Probably ate a bit too much at supper
  • So have been at this for about a week, and so far weight loss has been pretty much non-existent yet. At this pace I will be waaaay off my goal, so obviously still eating too much. That will be a weakness I will have to really fight against during these 100 days. On the positive side I still have time to correct, on the negative side I don’t think I was a commited as I thought. Last night however around 10pm I had to pick up some gas and man I wanted something, anything and I fought against it and I didn’t. Felt great after I got over that urge to eat anything to put my hunger at bay. That is what it will take to make this program work. Fight everday and every minute. I am not saying that this is like a drug or alcohol addiction but I need to have the minute by minute affirmation that this is the right thing to do.

    My Mom moved recently and brought in some pictures from when I was young, man I was skinny, what happened to that guy?  Will post some pictures in the near future.

    On the physical side really getting into my stride now, I do feel a lot better then I have in a while, so while the stats don’t show it yet I am feeling better. Aim is to really start drawing off the pounds this week.  So look for some better stats moving forward.

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