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The Fitness Club Question

  • Day 3
  • Weight 211.2 Pounds
  • Pounds to go: 31.2 Pounds
  • Lost so far: 1.2 Pounds
  • Yesterday’s Activities: 20 minute Swim, 25 minute Mountain bike
  • Yesterday’s Sins: Pizza for lunch, had a coke and ate after 7pm

A hallmark of New Year’s resolutions is always to “Join a fitness club”. Joining a fitness club seems like the natural 1st step to get fit. I’ve joined a lot of fitness clubs in my days and it’s telling what their model is. They locked you into a lenghty contract with monthly payments because they know that most of the people who sign up won’t keep at it. I don’t know what the ratio of members who go versus members who simply pay, but I bet it’s around 1:5 or even worst. I don’t buy into this model as a fitness club has one major drawback, they are boring enclosed spaces. Some of the worst have windows showing you that outside is beautiful and inviting. They know this so they try to improve the process with TVs mounted on the walls and the equipment. There is a reason there are TVs in hospital waiting rooms, because nothing much happens. In a fitness center you are asked to disassociate yourself from the activity you are doing so the activitiy itself rarely brings enough enjoyment to keep you engaged. Being Fit is a holistic thing, it’s about doing activities and making fitness part of your life. Unless you are into the strongman or body building aspect (and I know lot of folks who are and they are not fit, or even healthy, but yes they have nice biceps) a fitness club is probably not the best way to get fit. To me being fit is enjoying activities like hiking, biking, swimming, running, skiing etc. And intertwining these activities into your daily routine. A fitness club is a routine.  I haven’t met very many people who stay with a fitness club for longer then a year or two, but people who for example get the biking bug tend to do it often for the rest of their lives.

So now that I am trying to get fit I joined a fitness club. Huh…

One thing is that a lot of fitness clubs are attached to a hotel and have a pool. The one I joined is attached to a hotel, Brookstreet Hotel, and has a very nice pool with a swimming lane. Swimming is awesome, low impact and works a lot of muscles. It is also about 3 minutes from my office to walk so very convient. I don’t think I will ever use the equipment, but having a pool is hard to just make happen. Swimming is a very lonely yes, but enjoyable and has a bit of variety, and as we will see in a future entry I need to get my swimming up to snuff.

Yesterday I did a 20 minute swim while I had a short break during the day, then later in the afternoon another short ride on my new mountain bike (more about that later when I get into fit kit). Tempered this flurry of good activity with some crappy food choices 😦

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