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Getting Physical…get a Physical

  • Day 2
  • Weight 211.2 Pounds
  • Pounds to go: 31.2 Pounds
  • Lost so far: 1.2 Pounds
  • Yesterday’s activities: 30 minute walk
  • Yesterday’s sins: Ate a donut

What I am trying to do from a risk point of view is actually fairly risky. I am trying to go from a tubby hubby to a fit hubby in fairly short order. So my first stop was my doctor. You have seen all the warnings “Please consult your doctor before trying this program”. Part of being more serious about this is actually doing all the tasks that are related to it. And that makes it real as well.  Making multiple commitments to multiple people motivates as well as there are lots of folks watching for you to fail.

I am now over 40 and that has kept me away from the doctor due to the “prostate” issue.  But that underlined again the danger here. I am no longer young, I am at risk for a lot of stuff I didn’t have to worry about before. So I got over it and had a physical. It ended up being ok and I was given the go signal for this program. Was told to drop my weight, eat better and get fitter. Roger that doc! So with a go ahead in hand I have some confidence I can push myself during this initial phase while my body says “WTF are you doing to me…isn’t Stargate Universe on the PVR, leave me alone”!

Yesterday was day one and defnitely was a light day. Watched my food and didn’t get bogged down into any couch potato activities.  Just day one but on the lower side weightwise so far. Hope this is a trend but know I will have some bad days ahead. One rule I am trying to stick is no food after 7pm.

The only physical thing I did yesterday was a 30-minute walk, and I integrated that into my daily routine. I had to go to the grocery store, so I brought my iphone along, parked the car and went for a quick 30 minute walk.  Had Stephen King’s Under the Dome on Audio book. Just have a few hours left and really hope Jim Renny Sr. gets his!! Music is good, but I find audible books even better as you really get very absorbed into the book as long as it’s good. And the tempo of the music is often at odds with what your body wants to do.  Books like Under the Dome or other books that are popular in airport stores are probably better as you can still focus on the road ahead, but doubt that is a scientific statement!

Today I did a LOT more and we will talk about that tomorrow.

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